Monday 23 May 2016

Second day of our cruise down the Danube

Maria Himmelfarht Church at Pochlarn.

Fish food silos.

Approaching the lock gates at Melk, Austria.

Looking back upstream....

..... going down....

Other cruises moored at Melk.

The Benedictine Abbey at Melk......

.... but not for us, a trip ashore.

First real foray onto the sun deck.

Castle Schönbühel.

Schönbühel Monastery.

Village Maypole at Aggsbach.

Ruins of Burg Aggstein.

Flags at Wachau-Wilendorf.

Another village, another maypole.

Ruined castle at Hinterhaus.

Getting down to some serious sunbathing.

St. Michael, Austria.

How the other half live - Viking Cruise Ship

Who Nose?

A'ROSA MIA passing upstream. She hit the low bridge at Jochenstein lock in 2014 !!

White Church in the Wachau.

A'ROSA RIVA - they must travel in pairs!

Approaching Dürnstein.


The Blue Church, Dürnstein, Austria.

Turning round to face upstream, ready to dock.

Leaving the Belvedere for our guided walking tour......

Hadmar II.........

.... full of excuses.

Duke Leopold V - the Virtuous........

..... with more excuses.

Eleonor of Aquitaine......

... with her version of events.

Very picturesque Dürnstein.

Maypole. The ruins of the Nunnery in the background.

Richard the Lionheart Hotel.

Minstrel Blondel - who found the King.

The old Rathaus - Town Hall.

Looking down the street from the Rathaus.

The Rose Garden in the courtyard of the former Augustine Convent.

Entrance to the Blue Church.

A Rose by any other name?

The clocks haven't been put forward for summertime.

No, not gargoyles.....

Inside the Blue Church.

If it ain't Baroque.........

Rich decor......

... painted ceilings inside the cloisters


.... biblical depictions......

.... and more painted ceilings.

Some geezer wearing a Frisbee.

Looking upriver.

Final view of Dürnstein.....

A tray of towelling loaves on the bed on our return.

Squeezing into the locks alongside us at Altenwörth - the Swiss-registered Exellence Princess.

Their passengers are obviously employed as lookouts....

Looking aft inside the lock - it's a tight squeeze!

Although last in - the Swiss were the first out.......

.... followed by this tiddler.

A bit of arty camera work.

Tulln in Austria.

Steamship 'Stadt Wien', Tulln.

Low bridge at Tulln.

Inches clearance.

The serious sunbathers are oblivious.

Approaching Vienna - not what I expected!

After docking and dinner, we were taken by coach to a Straus/Mozart concert - this is a scan of the programme.

A scan from the brochure - cameras were not allowed inside the concert hall.

©Ken Duffey

June 2016