Thursday 26 May 2016

Day five of our cruise on the Danube

After a very early morning visit to the local market, it was back to the ship for breakfast before
boarding the coach for the hour-long drive to Puszta.....

.... whereupon Kay immediately fell asleep!

On arrival at the farm we were met by this Hungarian horseman in traditional dress.....

.... followed by the obligatory glass of apricot brandy and photograph.

Your truly was invited to sit up front........

... for the cart ride around the farm.

Sissi and Fanny - our motive power.

Horse stampede.

World famous Lipizzaner.

Bareback riding on four horses.

Demonstration of horse control......

Game of grabbing the neckerchief.

Even the donkey gets a look in.

Famous Hungarian Grey cattle

Well, it had been a long day.......

Once back on board the MS Belvedere, we set sail back up the Danube.....

A visit to the wheelhouse.....

.... and the kitchens.

Another view of the old castle at Visegrád

Another shot as we travel back upriver.

Local ferry - waiting for us to get out of the way......

...... before he can cross.

Moody Blue again.

A better photo of the Basilika at Esztergom, Hungary

View from the cabin as we sail west into the setting sun.

The evenings activities started witha 'Pirate Dinner' - with the crew all dressed up.

Our fellow travellers at the Pirate Dinner - Dorothy, Kay, Tony, Jim and Dave (I'm taking the photo!)

Ukranian-born Restaurant Manager.

On the next table, Terry was presented with a birthday cake and the crew all sang Happy Birthday to him.

Sunset on day 5.

The evening entertainment continued with a a crew cabaret - this one is Sister Act.

Gabor the Chef plays a priest while a potential recruit tries to pass a temptation test.

Bulgarian waiter Miroslav sings a moody Slavic song.

Cruise Director Erik plays and sings.

Grand Finale - the crew take a bow.

©Ken Duffey

June 2016