Friday 27 May 2016

Day six of our cruise on the Danube

The morning of day 6 saw us docked at Bratislava, Slovakia. This is the Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising -
called the UFO bridge for obvious reasons.

A view of Bratislava Castle from the Belvedere.

St Michael's Church.

Views from our Choo Choo as we toured the city.

Entering the castle on foot - with the alien from War of the Worlds keeping watch.

Modern Parliament building contrasting with the castle.

Views around the castle........

That arty shot again.

Equestrian statue of King Svatopluk I at the Honorary Courtyard since 2010.

Looking upriver from the castle ramparts.

Castle entrance

MS Belvedere is moored behind those trees.

Those wind turbines are in Austria.......

.... and the Chimneys are in Hungary.

The empty courtyard - apart from the tourists.

The next batch arrive.

King Svatopluk I - with his flaming sword.

Map of the castle.

Our transport awaits - the Choo Choo.

Rival tourist transport.

Photographed from the Choo Choo.

The European Union Information Centre is located in Bratislava - who knew?

Different view of the castle from the Choo Choo.

Start of the walking tour - old architecture, modern trams.

I'm not a tram spotter - honest!

Slovak National Theatre.

Tree-lined boulevard.

Contrasting styles and eateries.

I wonder what their speciality is?

Whimsical statue of Čumil the fireman - you rub his head for luck.

Statue of Schone Naci

This old man is the only statue which is silver (the rest is bronze). He is also the only one made of a real existing person.
His original name was Ignac Lamar and he lived in Pressburg (former name of Bratislava) at the turn of the 19th and 20thcentury.

'Real Life' statue.

Old Town Hall

Roland Fountain in the main square.

Not tonight, Josephine!

Statue of a Napoleonic soldier in the main square - in front of the.....

......French embassy.

Narrow streets of the Old Town.

St Michael's Gate and Church.

Cannon ball embedded in the wall - to avoid taxation.

No comment.

Baštová Street - the former home of the town's hangman.

The narrowest lane in Old Town.

In case the tourists get stroppy.....

Brass compass plaque.....

... showing the way home.

The narrowest house in town.

St Michael's Gate.

All needs catered for.

La Komika theatre.

Crown marking the footsteps of newly crowned kings as they paraded through the town.


Back into the main square.

The Old Town Hall.

Views from the town square.

Town square.

Another tax-dodging cannon ball embedded in the wall.

A last rub on Čumil's head before heading for the.....

... tree lined avenue and fountains......

... for a well-earned rest and a large ice cream.

Sculpture in the avenue.

Statue of Hans Christian Andersen.

Halfway across the UFO Bridge looking back at the MS Belvedere and Castle.

Castle, Cruiser and Kay.

Another cruise ship turning around ready to dock.

Ready to board our boat.

Another towel sculpture - this time an elephant.

Devìn, Slovakia.

The old castle ruins.

Devín Castle

At the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers.

To hell with the scenery - lets get some sun.

Doing it the hard way.

Approaching Hainburg, Austria.

Hainburg Castle on the hill.

A different kind of Choo Choo.

Kay, resting after a hard day's crocheting.

Fast water taxy between Vienna and Bratislava.

©Ken Duffey

June 2016