Saturday 28 May 2016

Day seven of our cruise on the Danube

This is what greated us as I opened the cabin curtains - misty lock gates at Melk

.... but it soon burned off as we approached Ybbs

Church at Ybbs.

Approaching the lock gates at Persenbeug.

Mural to Wagner's Der Nibelung on the lock wall.


On the way again.

Struden town.

Scenes from the riverbank......

This barge was stuck on a sandbank after a bum steer.

More scenery.

Sales of pastel paint must be good.

Shrine to St. Nikola.

Burg Werfenstein St Nikola.

Kay - demonstrating her crocheting skills to Jim and Tony.

Grein, Austria

Cyclists waiting for the ferry.

The Schloss at Wallsee.

The castle at Wallsee.

Back seat drivers in the lock at Wallsee.

Low bridge at Mauthhausen.

Approaching Linz.

The riverbank at Linz.

Amadeus Rhapsody at her mooring.

Linz skyline.

Fisherman's Friend - St. Nikola in Linz

Belvedere at her moorings - as we take a 'Choo Choo' ride around the sights.

Tram spotting again.

Driving past the main square in Linz.

Reflections of Linz.

Streets of Linz.


.... Main Square.

Alter Dom and maypole.

Watch out for the Choo Choo's.......

.... and trams!


Linz Cathedral.

Cooling mist spray outside the cathedral.

Inside the cathedral.

Street view.

The ARS Electronica Centre put on a light show at night........

.... beneath gathering storm clouds....

Our last sight of Linz during a thunderstorm.

┬ęKen Duffey

June 2016