Sunday 29 May 2016

Last day of our cruise on the Danube

An early taxi ride saw us in Passau by 07:40.

Wandering round the almost deserted streets.

The fortress of Veste Oberhaus, Passau, Germany.

The town hall at Passau....

Note the high water mark for 2013 - and the even greater one in 1501!

Empress Elisabeth of Austria.

Early morning views around Passau...... Hotel Wilder Mann.

... up the narrow streets....

Rear view of St. Stephen's Cathedral.

.... through the narrow streets...

.... waiting for Kay to catch up.

Front facade of St' Stephen's.

Down by the riverside - this is the river Inn.

Looking back up the Inn.

Schaubling Tower on the banks of the Inn.

Early morning sunshine on a deserted Passau.

The town of Innstadt on the far bank.

Ah! - a tourist!

Looking downriver - towards the confluence of the three rivers.

Map of the three rivers - we are at the pointy bit in the middle.

Monument to the victims of the Donau (Danube)

Passau is known as Dreiflüssestadt - the 'City of Three Rivers' - where the Ilz, Danube and Inn meet at this spot.

The Danube on the left, the river Ilz in the middle.

Mural depicting the three rivers.

Tight squeeze for the Amadeus Silver II.

Back at the Town Hall, the city is beginning to stir. Note the time on the town hall clock - 08:55!

Daily river cruiser - the 'Crystal Ship'

Walking along the river bank.

Back on board by 10:30 to wait for our transport to Munich airport. The crew are busy re-stocking for the next cruise.

This ship arrived and swung round to face upstream....

... the fo'castle is full of bicycles - its a cruise/bike excursion.

From the coach on our way to Munich airport - it's goodbay to Passau.

St. Paul church Passau - from the coach.

Exhausted from our early morning jaunt, unusually, Kay quickly fell asleep.

After an hour and thirty minutes delay due to stormy weather, we finally took off from Munich airport......

.... and arrived at Gatwick.

©Ken Duffey

June 2016