Tuesday 2 June 2015

Day ten of our cruise down the Danube

The day started off with a visit to the engine room - requested by Keith and granted by Captain Vladimir.

One of the two MTU 16 V 2000 diesel engines.

Candidates for the Navy Lark? - Nigel, Shane, Phil, Me (Ken) and Keith.


For'ard locker room.

Keith and Captain Vladimir at the end of the tour - Cheers!

View from our cabin - looking aft.

Part of a large National Park on the Romanian side. With horses......

..... and cattle.

Shadows of our former selves....

Beška Bridge, Serbia.

A twin new bridge for northbound traffic was built right next to the old one between 2008 and 2011.

Approaching Novi Sad - with a new bridge under construction.

A chance to see the retractable wheelhouse in action - the guy in blue is a Serbian pilot I think.

Going down.......

This is why - the old bridge at Novi Sad - there isn't much clearance.

This is how low the bridge is.

Once clear of the low bridge, the wheelhouse returns to its normal position......

... the deck crew re-erect the awning and the passenger's re-claim their sun loungers.

One-way traffic steaming across the old bridge.

Looking for'ard at the fortess at Novi Sad.

The view aft shows the new bridge under construction.

Docking at Novi Sad.

Petrovaradin Fortress at Novi Sad - taken from a moving coach.

Some images from the coach.....

Our Lady of Snow Roman Catholic church seen from the coach.

Entering Krušedol monastery  at Fruška Gora

Is that a sin bin ???

Speak to the hand.....

The monastery.

Water well.

Looking back at the main gate.

They said it was old... but ??

The sun shines on the righteous.

Mini Stonehenge at Sremski Karlovci.

Clerical High School of Saint Arsenije

The Orthodox Cathedral of St Nicholas.

The main square.

The Fountain of Four Lions in the square.

The Catholic Church.

The Gymnasium of Karlovci

Orthodox and Catholic churches.

All decked out for Christmas.

Walking back to the parked coach, I spotted this stork on its nest.

Back in downtown Novi Sad..... the Name of Mary Catholic Church in the main square

Tourists and statue of Svetozar Miletic, 27th Mayor of Novi Sad.

Intricate decoration of the catholic church.

Back on board the Belvedere for the Crew Show!....... some Germans........

.... some Brits......

Barman Maxim - from the Ukraine.

Some more friendly Germans.

Waiter Lev all dressed up for his turn.....

Hotel Manager Peter trying to remember his lines.....

A routine from 'Sister Act'.

Lev and fellow actors.

Captain Vladimir - a big ACDC fan......

Peter's routine involved another pair of hands....

Is a woman drawn to a rich man??..........

.... or a romantic man ??

.... or a strong man ???.....

Answer - none... if she is blind!! (you had to be there!)

The kitchen staff and Head Chef Krisztian did a percussion routine involving pots and pans.

©Ken Duffey

June 2015