Wednesday 3 June 2015

The eleventh day of our Danube trip

Looking aft on our final cruise day.

Waterside accomodation.

How the other half live......

Ferry crossing.

Approaching our mooring at Kalocsa, Hungary for our last organised excursion.

Another cruise ship approaching from the north - ready to berth astern of us.

St Mary Cathedral under renovation.

Statue of St Stephen.

Archiepiscopal Palace

Statue of Franz Liszt


Leafy pedestrian boulevard.

Kay, queuing for ice cream - I didn't tell her they don't take Euros !!!

Ornate fountain.

Beryl, Lyn and Peter having a rest in the Paprika Museum.

Photos of Paprika on the wall.

Dried Paprika.

A trip to the Horse Farm to see the Magyar cowboys in action....

  Waiting for the show to begin.......

The show begins with a proud Magyar horseman......

.... and a learner!

Cart drawn by four Hungarian Greys.


Whip Crack Away!!

How to get your horse to do things.....

Ignoring the whip.

Couch and Horses!



Horse rest.

It's a cracker!!

A game of whipping the bottle off the stump......

.... with the learner using his foot!

Final charge.

A game of tag with a ladies scarf........

.... won by the learner!

I hope that donkey doesn't break wind!

Buggy racing......

Riding bareback with ten in hand!

.... at high speed!

Cart with three in hand.

Star of tomorrow.

┬ęKen Duffey

June 2015