Monday 25 May 2015

Second day of our cruise down the Danube

Leaving the border control at Mohacs - after a 'Face Check' at 6:00 am!!

Croatia on the right bank....

Ferry crossing point.

The natives were still asleep at this hour.

Croation Fortress


Tour of the old town of Tvrda

Used to quell noisy tourists.

Old Town Square.

Central monument

I'm not sure what the guy on the right is doing............

..... but it is decidedly iffy !!

The Church of the Archangel St Michael (Sv Mihaela Arkandela) in Tvrda, the old citadel in Osijek, Croatia.

Statue of Ante Starčević in the main square of Osijek.

The main square Osijek.

The Church of St Peter and Paul

Inside the Church.

I'm not sure what it represents, but I photographed it anyway!

©Ken Duffey

June 2015