Wednesday 27 May 2015

Day four of our cruise down the Danube

Still in monochrome, I woke early and photographed this imposing rock formation....

.... and, looking astern, spotted the medieval fortress at Golubac

It's a good job I woke up - I nearly missed it!

After the Lord Mayor's Show - comes............ the Cement Works !!

The morning was cold and misty as we approached the Iron Gates Gorge.

Everyone still snoozing.

The Mesolithic archaeological site at Lepenski Vir on the Serbian side of the river.

More modern architecture.

That is some interesting geology !


Approaching the narrowest part of the Gorge.

Looking aft (I know all the nautical terms!).

Navigation station on the right bank.

Mraconia Monastery on the Romanian side.

The monastery was rebuilt after the old one was flooded when the dams were built.

Rock sculpture of Decebalus, king of the Dacians

Looking back at the monastery.

The plaque to Roman Emperor Trajan - who had a bridge built across the Danube at this point.

Rival tourists.

Huge memorial to Josip Broz Tito overlooking the Iron Gates I Dam

Entering the first lock ......

.... the rear gates close....

... water is pumped out.....

.... and down we go.

The front gate opens into the second lock......

.... which we enter......

... and after a drop of 27 metres, we are on our way again.

Some miles later we approach the Iron Gates II dam......

... where we enter a single lock this time.

The rear gate closes...... the water goes down....

... and once the water is level, the front gate opens.

┬ęKen Duffey

June 2015