Friday 29 May 2015

Day six of our cruise down the Danube

The camera is now switched back to colour !!! - with Romania on both sides we proceed to the Danube Delta.

Industry at Tulcea.

Bustling Shipyards.

Mosque in Tulcea.

Memorial hill.

Another view of the hill memorial.

I probably shouldn't have photographed this - it's the Romanian Navy!

Turkish oil tanker.

Ancient and modern.

Kilometre post signifying 104km to the point at which the Danube pours into the Black Sea.

Local ferry crossing

Neat little riverside hotel.

White Van Man get everywhere!

Typical Romanian horse-drawn cart.

Local river traffic.

Fellow travellers going north.

Local tourists - love the toilet on the stern.

Local fisherman with his catch.

More rubber necking.

Storks riding the thermals to gain height.

Kay struggling with technology!

What's that you say ???

Captian Vladimir took our boat down some narrow channels to give us a better view.

Two men and a dog.

Having reached the point where the Danuibe meets the Black Sea at Kilometre Zero,
we then docked at Sfantu Gheorghe for our river cruise on this boat.

A chance to see the back end of our cruise ship.

That's the Black Sea in the distance.

Side profile of the MS Belvedere.

Trying to photograph the delta wildlife with a small lens is not easy......

Local family out fishing.

Open marshland and reed beds on the delta - that's a flock of herons in the distance.

Wading birds by the score.


On board our little boat.

Back to the Belvedere.....

One of our waiters having a crafty smoke.

Our cabin - middle row, second from left.

"Sitting on the dock of the bay".......

Casting off from Sfantu Gheorghe.

The dining room set for our 'Pirates Dinner'.

Our table.

Ship's musician Marek welcoming us to dinner.

Bar staff Kazimir and Maxim welcoming us with a glass of punch.

Hotel Director Peter.

Our waiter Lev.

Germans to the left.......

.... Brits to the right.

The rowdies.

Sunset on the Danube Delta as we sail towards Constantsa - looking aft

As we sail into the sunset....

Back to Tulcea before we branch off to Constantsa.

┬ęKen Duffey

June 2015