Sunday 31 May 2015

Day eight of our cruise down the Danube

Sunrise on the Danube on Sunday morning.

The 'Friendship Bridge' connecting Romania to Bulgaria at Rousse.

Approaching our landing stage at Rousse in Bulgaria.

Excursion in Rousse - the old city centre.

A group of children in national costume posed for us.....

... as did these girls.

The Flower Vase in the city park.

Monument to the Soviets.

Kaliopa House - Urban Lifestyle of Rousse Museum.

The ornate interior of the museum - where we sat for a piano recital.

Inside the museum......

Superb piano recital.

A bit of foot massage going on.....

A glass cabinet showing wedding outfits...

"I'm a laydeeee"


Photographed outside the museum - maybe a landscape gardener ??

Monument of Liberty in the park.

A view across the park.

Every which way but loose.

The Opera House.

It says 'Three stars of the Russian Opera' - but I don't know any more.

A complete contrast........

Holy Trinity Cathedral Church.

The Bell Tower.

"If you are not on the list, you are not coming in"

A service taking place inside.

I thought there was no smoking inside?

On yer bike.....

Ready to go back on board.

Departing Rousse - past another cruise ship.

Final view of Rousse.

OK - another one.

Heading into the sunset.

Lazy evening on the sundeck.

┬ęKen Duffey

June 2015