Sunday 21 April 2019

Berlin Cathedral.

Altes Museum

Guten Morgan.

The old National Gallery.

Riverboat cruiser.


Television Tower in the former East Berlin.

Off on our cruise along Berlin's river Spree........

The former Reichstag - with new glass dome by Sir Norman Foster to represent transparency of government.

House of the World's Cultures - nicknamed 'The Lobster' by Berliners.

Time to turn around....

Award-winning Berlin Central Railway Station.

Memorial crosses to victims of the Berlin Wall.

Another view of the Reichstag.

The East Germans were mortified to find that when the sun shone from the west, it formed a
cross on the silver dome of their triumphant television tower - the so-called 'Popes Revenge'...

Some sort of medical bookshop...........

Another bear along Unter den Linden...

Les and Bear.....

....Kay and Bear.

The place is full of them.......

.... in all shapes and sizes.

Under the Linden in ......

That's the way to do it........

.... in comfort.

Guess what?

First glimpse of the Brandenburg Gate.

Hurry up - I can't hold my breath for much longer!

Old relic in Berlin.

A better photo of the Pope's Revenge.

Brandenburg Gate looking to the west.

View from the gate looking west along 17 June Street towards the Victory Column.

Looking east, back at the gate and Unter den Linden.

The same view I photographed in 1972.

Another memorial in the Tiergarten to victims of the wall.

Time for a rest and a bier - before strolling back to our hotel.

Sights in the Tiergarten...

T-34 tank at the Soviet War Memorial.

Soviet War Memorial.......

...and what it looked like in 1972.

Soviet War Memorial.

What's the collective noun for a group of Trabants ?

For a car that was dismissed as rubbish.... it's still going strong!

A group of dancers from a cruise ship that we met in the Tiergarten.

There are many ways to get around Berlin.....

The Victory Column.

Victory Column

Statue depicting a fox hunt.

Last bear of the day......

┬ęKen Duffey

May 2019