Tuesday 23 April 2019

On the coach for our 'Panoramic Berlin' tour.....

Still going strong in Berlin...

The infamous 'Checkpoint Charlie' - now a major tourist stop.

As it is now........

.... yours truly in front of the checkpoint in 1972.

Another photo from 1972. The watchtower is in the eastern zone.

Wall photo showing the East German 'Volkspolizei'

Have your photo taken (for a fee!) with re-enactors at the checkpoint.

Checkpoint Charlie today...

Looking along the wall in 1972.

Looking across no-mans-land to the eastern end of Checkpoint Charlie in 1972.
Note the multiple barriers, sliding gates and watch tower.

Original Checkpoint Charlie museum in 1972.

...and the winner of the Cold War is...........

You have been warned.

The Berlin Wall today.....

Wall murals.

More murals.

If you got over the wall, avoided the minefields, dodged the guards - you still had to cross the river Spree to get to the West.

Looking along the back side of the Wall.

Not so touristy back of the wall.

Les - looking lost. Note the 'Popes Revenge' on the television tower.

Driving round the old Tempelhof airport - now a museum.

Douglas C-47 'Dakota' commemorating the Berlin Airlift.

Berlin Airlift Memorial on Platz der Luftbrücke in front of the airport, displaying the names of the
 39 British and 31 American pilots who lost their lives during the operation, and symbolising the three air corridors.

Rear end of the World Culture Centre - also known as 'Jimmy Carters Smile'.

The Reichstag - with the glass dome by Sir Norman Foster.

Reichstag and river Spree from the coach.

Back at the Brandenburg Gate.

The British Embassy - just off Unter den Linden.

Look! - another Bear.

Last look east up Unter den Linden and the TV tower.

Simple, stark Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

©Ken Duffey

May 2019