Wednesday 24 April 2019

Last breakfast at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Approaching Sanssouci Palace over the Glienicke Bridge.

 My photo from 1972 as we sailed under the bridge - made famous in the film 'Bridge of Spies'.
We were on Lake Havel - East Germany is on the left.

Our coach parked up at Sanssouci.

Windmill at Sanssouci.

The Palace grounds.

88 Corinthian columns on the north side.

North entrance to the palace.

Looking north up to the dummy ruin.

Starting our tour inside the palace....

Astrological symbols on the ceiling.

Ornate spiders web above a chandelier.

Ornate domed ceiling with skylight.

Porcelain Cherubs.

Guest bedroom No 1.

Geust bedroom No 2.

Me - in reflective mood.

Another shot of the guest bedroom.

Guest bedroom No 3.

Ornate chandelier.

Frederic the Great - by Andy Warhol.

The fountain at Sanssouci.

Masses of Mistletoe.

What are you looking at dear?.......

...... Oh ! I say.......

South facing facade.

Terraced Gardens looking south towards the park.

Looking back at the palace.

Another view of the windmill.

Entering Cecilienhof Palace - where the Potsdam Conference took place.

Main entrance.

Red star - to remind you that the Soviets are in charge.

Floor plan of the palace.

Parked up at the Peter and Pauls Church in Potsdam.

Soviet cemetery Potsdam.

Potsdam centre.

Sitting down for a Currywurst and Bier.

Arriving in Wittenburg and the Viking Beyla - for our first night on board

Looking out from our 'Stateroom'! to watch the second coach arriving......

...and Les and Elaine coming aboard.

┬ęKen Duffey

May 2019