Thursday 25 April 2019

Stork's nest - seen from the coach driving into Wittenberg for our walking tour.

Wooden door - where Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses.

Looking up to the All Saints Church.

Main Street Wittenberg.

Me trying to be arty.

Plaque to Wilhelm Eduard Webber - inventor of the electromagnetic telegraph.

The bell tower of All Saints Church.

Town and Parish Church of St. Mary's

Market square Wittenberg.

Photograph showing the old well in Cranach House and courtyard.........

.... recently restored.

Statue of Lucas Cranach.

Market Square, Wittenberg - complete with medieval white van.

Statue of Martin Luther in the square.

Market square.

Bronze relief map of Wittenberg.

Statute of Philip Melanchthon - Lutherian reformer.

Restored public fountain in the square.

The town is starting to wake up......

Inside St Mary's Church.......

Scene depicting the greedy Catholics on the left with the hard working Lutherians on the right...

The church organ.

Altarpiece by Lucas Cranach and son.


St Mary's Church - note the mural on the wall at middle right.......

.... this depicts the Jews as pigs - the Judensau.

Catholic Church......

10:15 up the high street....

Shop selling army surplus.

House of Philip Melanchthon.

The August Museum and Lutherhaus.

Portrait of Martin Luther.

Luthers piggy bank???

Lecture room.....

Martin Luther and wife Katharina von Bora.

Living quarters......

.... with central heating!

ПЀТР (Peter) - signature left by Peter the Great during a visit.

Courtyard at the Lutherhaus.

Statue of Katharina.

Katharinenportal - a present from Katharina to Martin Luther.

Boarding the Viking Beyla......

.... and casting off at 12:30 - Note the other ship ahead of us....

Looking west - downriver.


Looking east - up river.

Ever been caught by the fuzz??

Wittenberg skyline.

St Mary's church.

Catching up with that other ship....

Another 'arty' shot.

A light lunch on the foredeck.

Overtaking that other ship - the 'Junker Jorg'.

Dredgers on the Elbe.

What the chic tourist is wearing these days. (ready for our compulsory evacuation drill).

A visit to the wheelhouse - all very hi-tech.

This is what happens to Viking guests who don't pay their bar bills.......

In a one-seat canoe you're the skipper and crew........

Happy families on the riverbank....

Waiting for the ferry on the left bank.......

....which is on the right bank.

Once we have passed, normal service is resumed.

Further upstream, another ferry.
These types are called Cable Ferries.

Looking aft (I know all the nautical terms!)

At our moorings at Torgau - where US and Soviet forces met on 25 April 1945.

Setting off on our walking tour of Torgau.

Soviet war memorial.

Mural depicting the East German's thanking the Soviet troops.

Another view of the war memorial and Viking invaders.

Schloss Hartenfels (as is says on the side!)

Inside the Schloss.

The fitter members of the group legged it up the spiral staircase.

Pit where two bears roam - although they had gone to bed by the time we got there.

Torgau arsenal.

Deserted streets in Torgau.

Sun setting over Torgau.

Katharina von Bora is buried here.

I have no idea........

Torgau Town Hall.

Germany's oldest toy shop.

It's getting too dark to take photos.....

Back on board for a stiff drink....
©Ken Duffey

May 2019