Friday 26 April 2019

Industrial complex on the riverside.

Better looking scenery.

Travelling circus encampment.

Rustic views....

Looking aft.

Local wildlife.....

... at the limit of my lens.

Looking for'ard (another technical term) - only just discovered mini-golf and deck quoits on the aft deck.

Residential windmill.

How the other half live.

More industry.

Sheeps company.

Imposing castle on the starboard side.

More wildlife.

More wildlife.

Picture postcard hamlet.

Steamship 'Pirna' overtaking us......

... with a blast from her whistle.

Some natives going the other way.

Old East German bus - I spotted another one in Dresden.

If you had a balcony stateroom you could cool your feet off.

Ferry crossing.

It's getting hilly....

Morse code from the riverbank.

87 kilometers to the Czech border.

I bet his landslide insurance is heavy.....

Arriving at Meissen.


On the coach to the Meissen porcelain factory.

Even the roadmarkings have the Meissen trademark!

Meissen porcelain factory - lifesize figure of 'Saxonia' - with 8,000 hand-made 'Snowball Blosssoms' on her dress.

Mural of birds.

Another view of Saxonia.

An example of Brown Porcelain.

White Porcelain.

Organ with porcelain pipes.

Get a room.......

Examples of the Meissen trademark over the years.

Craftwork demonstration.......

The figures shrink by 16% after firing.

Stages of decorative painting...

Young artist painting a bird.

Large size figure of 'Nodding Buddha' in the courtyard outside.

Walking tour of Meissen.

Mark showing the height of the floods in 2002.

Whilst the ladies went shopping, Les and I decided to have a bier - and chose the worst place out of 4 for service!

Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) in the square.

Market Square - with other places to get a bier!

Last view of Meissen before returning to the ship.

┬ęKen Duffey

May 2019