Saturday 27 April 2019

Kay - checking up on the captain......

No - not a Mosque, but the Yenidze cigarette factory.

Approaching Dresden.

Dresden skyline - all rebuilt after WWII.

Trains and boats and...........

Staatsministerium on the opposite bank.

Approaching our moorings at Dresden....

It was a tight squeeze between this ship and the Junker Jorge (which must have overtaken us in the night!)

The Saxon State Chancellery

Starting the walking tour of Dresden.....

...approaching the Zwinger Palace.

Views inside the Zwinger Palace.........

Porcelain bells on the clock - note the misssing bell (left hand second row) -
cracked through being struck in the same place over the years....

Dresden Castle.

Bronze model of the Castle.

Restoration work....

Photos of some of the treasures inside the Green Vault museum........

Frigate supported by Neptune

Ball-bearing timepiece.....

Bath of Diana.

The Royal Household at Delhi.

Close up of the Royal Household at Delhi.

Portrait of Alfred the Great.

Black shoes with a red outfit???  Come on Alfred!

Leaving the castle museum.

Dresden Cathedral.

Dreseden Semperoper (Opera House).

Guards on the roof!

Two horsepower carriage.

I have no idea.......

Back on board for lunch - the steamship Dresden with its funnel lowered.

Afternoon visit to the Volkswagen assembly plant.

They assemble electric Golfs here - brought in by special trams.

Future concepts on view.

The last VW Phaeton - signed by all the production workers. Production switched to all-electric VW Golf in April 2017.

This is how you do it Clive Sinclair - single seat electric concept car.

Beats a C5 anyday.......

Departing the VW 'Glasshouse'.

What the young Dresedeners get up to.....

River trips on the Bohemia.

Last photo of the day.

┬ęKen Duffey

May 2019