Sunday 28 April 2019

Day 9 - images from the riverbank.

Loschwitz Bridge.

Dresden Funicular Railway.

Another travelling circus at Loschwitz.

The scenery is starting to get hilly....

Time to park your stroppy side? - marathon runners on the starboard bank....

...... loads of fishermen on the port bank.

Canoeists to the right.

Low bridge ahead......

It's a tight squezze.

Cars and boats and Pirna.

Local Ferry - the Bastei 2.

Passing steamer.

Passing cruise ship Johannes Brahms.

What you get on a cheap cruise.......

Sights on the left bank.

Some sort of floating castle??

Remember what happened to the Mary Rose?

Stadt Wehlen. We are now in the 'Saxon-Switzerland' national park.

The hills are alive.......

The steamship Pirna.

Our first glimpse of the Bastei - 'Bastion' rock formation.

The bridge comes into view.

The spa town of Rathen below the Bastei rocks.

Passengers on the Rathen Ferry - waiting to cross the Elbe.

Passengers on the Oberrathen side of the town.

Altrathen Castle.

We sailed on past.......

.... and Programme Director Rick gave his disembarkation briefing.

On the coach back to the Bastei - the Lilienstein table mountain.

Entering the Bastei Park - the monument depicts the Lilienstein and the river Elbe.

Views of the Bastei rock formation......

Looking down on the ferry crossing at Rathen.

View downstream.

Another steamship sailing to Rathen.

Oberrathen - with the 10:15 to Dresden.

About to moor at Rathen.

Memorial tablet.

View of the Lilienstein from the Bastei.

Our guide told us this fomation was called 'The locomotive' - but I can't see it myself....?

Rathen ferry.

Rock 'canonballs'.

Looking back at the bridge.

Coins thrown by tourists.

Open air theatre in the valley below.

What is it with Chinese tourists?? - Everyone has to have a selfie - each one in turn.
Holding the rest of us up.....

Replica catapult - for those rock cannonballs.

More selfies - more wating!

The 11:05 to Děčín.

Approaching the Viking Beyla moored at Bad Schandau.

Cast off from Bad Schandau at 17:30.

Past our old friend - the steamship Pirna.

Near Děčín, Czech Republic.

Arriving at Děčín at 20:30.

©Ken Duffey

May 2019