Wednesday 15 May 2019

Balluta Bay from our balcony - make a note of that tall blue and orange building.......

Out for an early morning stroll - our hotel is just above Ray's head.

St Julian's Tower.

No, not a Greek temple - but a casino.

Sliema Point Battery.

There's that building again - the Portomaso Business Tower - the tallest building in Malta.

Looks like the Fernandes heading for Gozo.

View from the ferry terminal towards Valletta.

The Sliema - Valletta ferry about to dock.

View of Manoel Island from the ferry.



Looking back towards the Sliema shoreline.

Fortress Valletta.

St Paul's Pro-Cathedral in the foreground - with the Basilica of our Lady of Mount Carmel behind.

Looking back towards Fort Tigné on the Sliema side.

Dummies in a cafe window in Valletta.

Another view of Fort Tigné - with a group of tourists returning from their Harbour Cruise.

Walking round Valletta towards Fort St Elmo.

Streets of Valletta.



Valletta views.

Taking a well-earned rest and sampling the local brew.

Valletta views...

Up yours too.

Valletta views...

Tourist trap.

The Siege Bell Memorial.

Looking towards the entrance to Grand Harbour.

The Siege Bell.

Reclining figure of the Unknown Soldier.

Grand Harbour.

Mighty Cruise Ships.

Looking across the harbour.

Another view of the Unknown Soldier.

St Elmo Bridge at the entrance to Grand Harbour.

Floating Hotels.

Another Tourist Trap.

Walking along the shoreline - below Barrakka Gardens.

View across the harbour.

Is this the way to Venice mate?

Looking back - you can just make out the Unknown Soldier.

Traditional Maltese Gondolas.

Tui cruise ship Marella Discovery.


Tunnel leading to.......

The Barrakka Lift. taking us to.......

...... Upper Barrakka Gardens.

The Saluting Battery.

Memorial Plaques in the gardens.....

Bust of Winston Churchill.

Cats among the pigeons.

Upper Barrakka Gardens.

Art exhibition at the Spazju Kreattiv gallery.

Auberge de Castille.

Our Lady of Victories Church

Statue of Jean de Vallette

What it says - large shop.

Valletta views..... walking back to the Sliema ferry terminal.

.... views....


... leaving Valletta on the Sliema ferry.

Approaching Sliema.

.... nearing the ferry berth.

Last photo of the day - sunset over Balluta Bay.

©Ken Duffey

  June 2019