Friday 17 May 2019

The first exhibit at the Malta Aviation Musem - a Vampire T11.

Royal Navy jet trainer - de Havilland Vampire T11.

Hawker Seahawk FGA.6 in Suez markings.

What it says.....


Home-built Autogyro.

Very nice model diorama.

Another well-executed diorama.

Link trainer.

Bedford QL Refueller.

Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX.

Spitfire Mk IX.

Hawker Hurricane Mk IIA.


Anonymous despatch motorbike.

Austin 'Tilly'.

Museum cafe.

Italian AF T6G 'Texan'.

Cessna L-19E 'Bird Dog'.

David Brown aircraft tractor.

Italian Agusta-Bell 47G-2.

Douglas DC-3/C-47.

Le Pou du Ciel ('Flying Flea').

T6G Texan.

Italian AF FIAT G91R

English Electric Lightning F.2A cockpit section.

Gloster Meteor F8.

Gloster Meteor NF14T.

Denney Kitfox 3 homebuilt.

BAC 1-11 cockpit section.

Meteor F8 and C-47.

Meteor tail.

Meteor power plant - Rolls Royce Nene turbojet.

Meteor NF14T.

Meteor F8.

Airfield Control Vehicle - based on a Bantam Karrier chassis.

Standard Ensign Estate staff car.

Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter.



Piper Cub L4H undergoing restoration.

Willys Jeep.

Trattorino Aero Portuale - Italian tow truck.

Lister Auto Truck - used by the Royal Navy.

Meteor F8 and Accumulator Trolley.

Arriving at the southern end of Valletta........

Triton Fountain.

The Great Siege Monument.

Statue depicting the Sette Giugno riots of 1919

Figures inside the National War Museum at Fort St Elmo.

View of the breakwater from the ramparts of the National War Museum,

View across Grand Harbour.

Model of Fort St Elmo.

Torpedos on display.


Gloster Sea Gladiator 'Faith' - difficult to photograph!

Ray had better luck ........

Despatch riders motorbike.

Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft gun.

Italian fast torpedo boat.

Looking west towards Sliema.

Malta's George Cross.......

George Cross.

Jeep used by Eisenhower.

Leaving Valletta on the Sliema ferry......

Visiting rugby team on their 'Booze Cruise' - they were staying at our hotel!

Valletta panorama from the ferry.

Docking at the Sliema ferry port.

┬ęKen Duffey
June 2019