Tuesday 11 April 2017

Our second day in Lucerne

Anonymous statue.

Looking for food - but the signs say NO!

Easter flower decorations on a stall in the market.

Old signs showing the trades of the shops.

Clock tower and rear of the town hall in Kornmarkt.

More 'trade' signs.

'Zu Pfistern' guildhall - one of the oldest families in the city.

Ornately decorated house......

.... and another one.

They must get really fed up......

We found it OK - the 'Statue of the Dying Lion'.
It commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massaced in 1792 during the French Revolution.

There's always a bl**dy tourist in the way!

A more artistic view.

Part of the 'Bourbaki Panorama' depicting the retreat of the French during the Franco-Prussian war of 1871.

Another section of the Bourbaki Panorama.

Vignette of figures in the foreground.

View from our boat as we set off on our lake cruise.

North shore of Lake Lucerne.

Views to the north.

Statue on the shore.

More views....

The weather wasn't playing ball - but look how calm the lake is.

Sailing back towards Lucerne.

How the rich folks live........

.... meanwhile.... a view of our hotel from our cruise boat.......


Kay, getting friendly with the postman.

Back at the hotel, we spotted this from the room window......

It's the steamboat 'Rudolf' - built in 1909. It was being transported by road to Austria.

I would have thought that 'Car Stop' would have been more appropriate?

Intrigued by the Rudolf, we went into the boatyard and asked about it and discovered that it was due to leave at 10pm.

After an evening meal by the riverside, a quick walk past the Nölliturm - one of nine fortress towers.

From the opposite bank.

Walking back to the hotel........

.... where Kay insisted that we watch the Rudolf depart.

©Ken Duffey

May 2017