Wednesday 12 April 2017

Our last day in Lucerne

Sunrise over Lucerne.

The local sights during an early morning stroll near our hotel.

Mount Pilatus towering over Lucerne.

Local fitness fanatic on the lake shore.

Lake Placid ???

Another view of Mt Pilatus from a local park.

Back to the hotel ready to board the coach for our trip to Stanserhorn.

Waiting to board the funicular railway to take us halfway up the mountain.

View from the funicular as we set off.

Looking back to Buochs Airport - home of Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus.

The funicular route is the diagonal line in the centre - from where we boarded the open top cable car to reach the summit of Stanserhorn.

Passing a car going down - note the open top.

We were in luck with the weather.

Looking back down towards the airport.

The cable car terminus.

View to the south east.

Good 'ere innit?

Looking west to Mount Pilatus.

The summit..............

.... well, not quite. The fitter ones amongst us could trek up further.

Nearly there....

Looking north.

Setting off from Base Camp for the final push to the summit.

Are we there yet ??

The airport from the final summit.


Another batch of intrepid tourists arriving.

After the climb - time for some food.

Viewing platform.

Engraved on the handrail.

Map of the mountains...... Eiger and Jungfrau......

.... the real thing.

View from the open top deck of the cable car as we departed.

Back down we go. Note the twin cables of this unusual cable car design.

Another bunch of tourists going up.

Back on the funicular heading down.

Inside the funicular cabin.

The hills are alive....................


┬ęKen Duffey

May 2017