Thursday 13 April 2017

The first full day on board the Viking Idi

St Stephansmünster at Breisach.

Views from the coach taking us on our Black Forest Tour - storks nest.

Local woodyard.

Black Forest town.

Isn't it interesting Kay?

Our destination - to see cuckoo-clock making, glass-blowing demo etc etc....

Examples of the glass-blowers art.

Life-size cuckoo clock.

I managed to snap this from the moving coach - the legendary Hirschsprung Stag.

Back at the ship - for a free afternoon in Breisach.

Walking up to the castle.

Wall mural.

St Stephansmünster at the top of the hill.

Looking down from the ramparts at the Viking Idi.

St Stephansmünster.

Back down strolling around the town.

Returning to the ship.... ready for the evening meal and departure.

©Ken Duffey

May 2017