Saturday 15 April 2017

The third day on board the Viking Idi - Heidelberg

"If you ain't got a ticket, you ain't getting in".

The red stonework of Heidelberg Castle.


Inside the courtyard.

We had to wait for the other tourists to clear.....

... before going inside to see the largest wine barrel in the world. Not this one - this is just a taster.

This is the huge wine barrel - The Great Heidelberg Tun.

Inside the wine barrel room......

Stepping down from the balcony surrounding the great barrel.

Regular sized barrel.

Ancient works in need of some restoration.

Heidelberg panorama.

The old bridge spanning the River Neckar.

Down in the old town to see the tourist attractions.

Looking back up to the castle.

The old bridge.

The castle from the bridge.

Looking back across the old bridge...... the old bridge gate.

After waiting ages for the tourists to clear, I finally managed to take this photo of the 'Bridge Mandrill'

Back to the ship.......

.... where the cabin maid had left this for Kay.

Setting sail, we passed this huge barge.

The sights along the banks.....

.... although not a patch on the London Eye.

How the other half live.

That's some real estate.

The Electoral Castle at Eltville.

The weather was a bit 'iffy'.

Passing Eltville.

Another view of the Electoral Castle- note the kilometer post - 511 Km from the source of the Rhine on Lake Constance.

Last view of Eltville.

Intrepid surfer braving the elements.

We must have been slowing down - we were overtaken by this empty barge......

.... and passed by this rival cruise ship.

The Viking Idi had to make a massive 180deg turn to reverse into our mooring at Rudesheim.

Slowly backing into our berth.......

... where we were met by the Viking Kvasir - which was going south.

The Viking Kvasir berthing alongside - because she had to leave before us the next day.

┬ęKen Duffey

May 2017