Tuesday 18 April 2017

The sixth day on board the Viking Idi - Kinderdijk

This old nuclear power plant has been transformed into a childrens theme park -
the Wunderland theme park at Kalkar on the Dutch-German border.

Massive barge traffic..........

.... with a wheelhouse that can be lowered for low bridges.

Approaching the bridge at Nijmegen.

Nijmegen city - on the river Waal.

Moorings in the city.

River traffic.

How the other half live - the luxury yacht 'Amara' at the Oceanco shipyard.

Others have to make do with more modest forms of transport.

I thought this was a large ship at first - but it is a warehouse built in the shape of a liner - the M.S. Ridderhaven at Ridderkerk

Boaty MacBoatface? - actually the  Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger Shanti Sagar-17.

House at the confluence of the New Maas and Lek rivers.

Turning from the New Maas into the River Lek - note the MS Ridderhaven in the background.

A closer view of the sign.

The Viking Baldur was occupying our berth - waiting for late passengers....

The Baldur and Idi reflective.

We had to back off - to let the Baldur leave - having finally found its missing passengers.

The Viking Baldur moving off - leaving the mooring free for the Viking Idi.

The Baldur had to make a 180deg turn.....

.... as she was travelling south - Amsterdam to Basle.

Finally - we could go ashore on our visit to the windmills of Kinderdijk.

The massive Archimedes water screws in the modern pumphouse.

Making sure the river doesn't clog up???

Somewhere to park your bike.

Windmills to the left......

.... windmills to the right. Note the massive rain clouds - we endured a soaking later.

Dark and moody.

Sheltering from the downpour inside the windmill museum.

Views inside the museum......

Compact and Bijou.

At least it was dry.

The downpour has passed.

One of the inhabited windmills.

The storm provided some great lighting for photography.

The End.

┬ęKen Duffey

May 2017