Sukhoi Su-15 (Flagon)

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This machine is actually a T-58L development machine painted up to look like a 'production' Flagon.

The intakes are different - and the fuselage is 'waisted' just behind them

A more recnt photo of the same machine - it has had a repaint.

Port wing pylon and R-98MR IR Missile - note the aileron actuators on the rear wings.

The circular bulge on the pylon is non-standard.

Note how the brake parachute housing has been painted to represent a RWT aerial - totally fake!

Port outer pylon with circular bulge - probably a camera housing.

Starboard pylon with R-98MT missile.

Non-standard pylon.

Port main wheel well - non-standard paint scheme with everything painted silver!

Port mainwheel - the oleo is collapsed

Starboard wheel well - with everything painted silver.

Starboard main wheel with collapsed oleo.

Starboard mainwheel doors.


Port inner door - note the fuel tank attachments.

Twin fuel tanks - with outward canted pylons.

Twin nosewheels.

Inside the nosewheel well........

Central Armed Forces Museum

This machine is more representative of a production Su-15TM.

The distinct kink in the leading edge where the outer panel has more camber.

Dummy missile on the starboard wing - note the 'tinplate' wings with no ailerons.

You can also see the distinctive kink in the wing leading edge.

Dummy missile on the port pylon.

Inner pylon with adaptor for R-60 missile.

Note the long pitot boom mounted on the wing leading edge near the kink.

The port main leg - the ironwork surrounding it is a museum addition to save tire wear.

Twin nosewheel - with collapsed oleo.

The Su-15TM features bulges on both nosewheel doors to accomodate the twin wheels.

The distinctive 'hockey stick' aerial on the nose underside.

Port intake - note how it angles in from the vertical.

Port wing showing that distinctive kink.

Starboard wing - with kink.

Starboard R-60 pylon - note clamshell opening at front with electrical connector.

Starboard intake - note auxiliary blow-in door aft of bort number.


The museum at Khodynka used to have an impressive collection of different Su-15's. They are now sadly

gathered inside a chained-off compound, exposed to the elements & vandals, awaiting a new museum.

Su-15UM - note the rain gutter in front of the windscreen - only seen on some aircraft.

Samara Aviation Institute

This dilapidated Su-15 is used an instructional airframe.

Another aiframe inside the Institute is sectioned to show the structure...

Closeup of the wing leading edge - this time without the kink.

The missing canopy reveals the top of the KS-3 ejection seat.

A closer view of the seat.

Starboard side of the seat - I assume that the lever makes the seat 'live'.

Note the single large tire and differently bulged door.

Victory Park Museum

Immaculate Su-15TM on display.

This machine has a vee-shaped rain gutter in front of the windscreen.

Su-15TM on the Sukhoi ramp at Zhukovsky - probably an ex-trials machine.


Su-15TM in Kiev - with peeling laquer coating.

Closeup of the peeling laquer coat.

Su-15TM at Lugansk. Note the rain gutter.

Closeup of the rain gutter.

© Ken Duffey

March 2008