Tupolev Tu-154

The following photographs are the copyright of Ken Duffey - and may not be copied without permission.

Lovely Liveries...

Dagestan Airlines Tu-154M

Siber Airlines (Now S7) Tu-154M

Moskovia Tu-154M

Moskovia Tu-154M named after Yuri Sheffer (?)

Dagestan Tu-154M at Domodedovo.

Tu-154M at VARZ-400.

Pulkova Airlines (as was) Tu-154M

Tu-154M of 'Alrosa'.

Tu-154B-2 at Chkalovskaya AFB.

This Tu-154M at Chkalovskaya is used to transport astronauts to Baikonaur.......

It has English titles on the starboard side.....

....and Cyrillic on the port side.

Samara Airlines Tu-154B-2 on a very hot ramp at Samara.

Ex-Poltava Airlines Tu-154M at Samara.

Dagestan Tu-154M taxying out at Vnukovo.

UT Air Tu-154B-2 at Vnukovo.

Tu-154B-2 of Aeroflot-Don taxying past us on the flightline at Vnukovo.

Rain-swept ramp and clearing skies at Vnukovo as the Tu-154B-2 taxies past.

Tu-154M of 'Yakutia' at Vnukovo.......

Tu-154M of 'Vladivostok Avia' photographed from the bus at Vnukovo...

Immaculate Tu-154M of Atlant-Soyuz at Vnukovo.

The same Yakutia Tu-154M taxying past us at Vnukovo..

My 'artistic' photo as the Yakutia Tu-154M waits to enter the runway.

KMV (Kavkazkie Mineralnye Vody) Tupolev TU-154B-2 taxying out at Vnukovo.

Ex-Malev Tu-154B-2 operated by Turan Air of Azerbaijan at Domodedovo.

Tu-154M of 'Alrosa' at Domodedovo.

Siber Airlines (now S7) Tu-154M at Domodedovo.

Ural Airlines Tu-154B-2 at Domodedovo.

KMV Tu-154B-2 on approach at Vnukovo.....

....note the row of auxiliary intake doors on the outer engines - and how flat the landing attitude is.

Turan Air Tu-154M taking off at Vnukovo.....


Rear end of a Tu-154B-2

....the same area on a Tu-154M - note that the centre jetpipe is not fitted in this photo...

Inboard slat on a Tu-154M....

....outboard flaps......

....inboard flaps - the chair is not part of the aircraft's equipment!

Thrust reverser buckets in the closed position.

External cable duct on the Tu-154M.

Port outer engine intake.

Very expensive coat hanger!

If you don't fancy painting the inside of the intake........

Washing duty on a military Tu-154B-2 at Chkalovskaya....

Military Tu-154B-2.

Tu-154M undergoing engine maintenance at VARZ-400 (Vnukovo Aviation Repair Plant -400)...

Starboard engine.

Centre engine.

Centre engine.

Port engine.


Starboard engine on the Tu-154B-2.

The L/E Slats are missing from this Tu-154M.

Centre engine jetpipe on the Tu-154M.

Well worn nosewheel awaiting refurbishment....

....fresh from the workshop....

Nosegear on a miltary Tu-154B-2.

Instructions in English on this ex-Bulgarian Tu-154M....

.....and in Cyrillic.

Ken Duffey

September 2008