Thursday 2 August 2018

By the time I woke up, we were just leaving the locks at Kremenchugskaya - a 48ft rise.

Looking aft from the ships bows.

Early morning view from the balcony.

Passing river traffic.

Cormorant Island.

Wheelhouse tour at 09:45.

Looking aft from the bridge/wheelhouse.

There was some discussion with Captain Oleg Kitaev about the age of the ship - our tour brochures said she was built in 1979
but the captain insisted it was 1990 - and said the brochure should be changed!! - I think he was getting confused between 'built'
and 'refurbished'.

At 10:30 we were on the Sun Deck for a demonstration of how to cook Varenki by chef Lena - assisted by two volunteers.

The ships staff were all mustered - in national costume.

Canadian volunteer showing off her effort.

Receptionist Anna took the microphone for a folksong - she had an amazing voice.

Kay enjoying her varenki.

Program Director Oliver strutting his stuff......

.... while Anna sings on......

.... and the girls start danciing - sedate at first....

... then in gets a bit wild!

We didn't have to wait for this lift bridge to open for us.......

... it opened as soon as we arrived.....

Local ship spotter??? - or a bridge worker taking a photo for the bill?

Down goes the centre span as we leave.....

.... ready for the next train.

14:30 - arriving at Kremenchug - with our coaches getting ready for us.

Inching our way to the mooring.

War memorial.

Anorak that I am - I spotted this sign for KrAZ - famous for building heavy trucks

Our guide Lena told us that this was a 'Joseph Stalin' tank - but we all know that it is an ISU-152 self-propelled gun
(although based on a JS2 tank chassis).

Orthodox Church.

As if on cue - a KrAZ truck!

Approaching Omelnik.

Village memorial.

Our hosts - Valentina and granddaughter Paulina.

Back on board - and casting off at 18:00.

Farewell Kremenchug.

Evening sun on the water.

Sunflower seed silos off the port bow.

Locals enjoying the warm evening.
┬ęKen Duffey

August 2018