Saturday 4 August 2018


View aft from our balcony at our mooring.......

.... and forward - not the quietest of berths.

Rustic windmill at the Pirogovo Folk Architecture Museum.


Another windmill - this time on a turntable to catch the wind.

Descending the rough path down to the reconstructed 'village', through fields of sunflowers.

Kay taking pictures.

Looking back towards the entrance.....

One of the many cottages .......

.... with it's simple interior.

Another one.

Crossing the main 'street'.......

.... to view another cottage with its interesting thatchwork.

Not toadstools - but beehives!

Local craftwork for sale.

Views inside the cottage......

.....another room.

Small storage shed - with a new house being built in the background.

Another interior.

We couldn't decide if it was a xylophone or a zither - until someone suggested a dulcimer. He had CD's on sale.

Yet another interior.

More rustic buildings.

This is the village school..........

...and a house across the street.

Inside the schoolhouse.

Oh look! - a church!

Inside - standard icon's.

Kay - inspecting the flowers.

Looking back towards the school.

Isn't nature wonderful?

The weary trek back to the coach park.

Map of old Ukraine - 'Krim' at the bottom is 'Crimea'

Familiar landmark on the journey back to the ship.

What I had come to see - the fascinating Antonov An-71 AWACS aircraft with its rotodome mounted on the fin.

Yak-40, Il-76 and Il-86.

The small Mil Mi-1 helicopter still in Russian markings........

..... as is the giant Mi-6.

A new display since my last visit, the An-2 'Anushka' - the world's largest singe-engined biplane.

The mighty Tupolev Bear - this one a Tu-142 ASW aircraft. Unfortunately, the cockpit access steps were roped off.

Tupolev row.

Another new building - exhibiting aero engines. This is an AL-31F from a Su-27 Flanker.

Shvetsov ASh-62 radial engune - as used on the An-2 biplane,

Another new display.........

.... and the radial engine alongside.

Yak-38M VTOL fighter - Russin equivalent of the Harrier.

Huge Mach 2-5 capable MiG-25 Foxbat.

Yak-28U bomber trainer.

Kamov Ka-26 co-axial rotor helicopter.

Su-15M 'Flagon' - the same kind of machine that shot down the Korean Airlines Boeing 747 KAL 007.


Bust of Pyotr Nesterov - the first man to perform a loop.

Another shot of the unusual An-71.

Experimental Antonov ducted wing design.

View from the entrance.

Gate badges........

┬ęKen Duffey

August 2018