Saturday 28 July 2018

At last! - a clear view of the Potemkin Steps - taken from the coach as we depart the jetty at 08:00am.

On the way we passed the shopping market/bazaar called 'Seventh Kilometer Market'.

From the Guardian...

Crossing the lift bridge near Zatoka - the Dniester Estuary is to the right, the Black Sea to the left.

Passing freight train on the road to Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi.

The torrential rain has stopped as we arrive at Akkerman Fortress.

The main gate at the fortress.

Outer walls.....

Ancient cannon disguised as a rubbish bin.

Views of the Ottoman fortress.

The Citadel.

The Watch Tower.

The Citadel.

On top of the Watch Tower.

Looking back towards the coach park.

Ancient Monuments.

Another view of the Citadel.

Inside the Citadel.....

.... with Kay investigating the hole-in-the-wall.

Ancient Mortar.

Multiple Rocket Launcher.

I wonder if it fires octagonal cannon balls ??

Ancient Trebuchet.

More artillery.

Language lesson.

Driver Stepan negotiating the flooded town on the way back to Odesa.

The lift bridge at Zatoka.

The noon express from Zatoka.


The beach resort of Zatoka - taken whilst crossing the lift bridge, the Black Sea is beyond.

Over the lift bridge.

Roadside fruit sellers - 'Chernobyl Gooseberries'

Free enterprise at work.

On the drive back to Odesa.......

.... past 7 Kilometer......

... in time for the midday rush hour.

Back onto the jetty.

Afternoon stroll along the jetty.

Sailors wife monument.

Looking out towards the Black Sea.

Harbour cruise boats.

I nicknamed this on the 'Black Pig'.

One harbour cruise setting off........

....another arriving.....

... with a party going on.

Closer view of the 'Black Pig'.

I couldn't decide which was the front end of this one? - I think the stern is to the right.

Bollards to the Sineous!

Another cruise boat - this time a fast one.

Ding Dong!

St Nicholas Church on the jetty.

┬ęKen Duffey

August 2018