Sunday 29 July 2018

Taking a morning stroll down the jetty, the water was full of jellyfish.

The ship's name is Hadjibei - the former name of Odesa.

Massive dredger crane moored at the jetty.

I don't quite get the second symbol - 'I (what) Odesa' ??? - it is normally a heart for 'I Love'.

You can't take a photo without some bl**dy tourist getting in the way!!!.......

.... although some tourists are OK - "Can I breathe out now"?

Mural below the baby statue.

Another view of the 'Sailors Wife' statue.

Cruise boat ready to depart.......

... with parasols provided for the passengers.

Fire tug entering the harbour.

Looking up at the Hotel Odessa - and that statue.

I don't know what it represents - but I took it anyway.

The afternoon excursion was to see 'Jewish Odesa'. This was the main synagogue in the city.

Inside the synagogue.

Holocaust memorial.

The other side.

Trees planted for each victim.

Central holocaust memorial.

Visiting another synagogue.

Strange place to have a bookshelf!

Driving back to the ship - we passed by the main entrance to the Port of Odesa.

Our evening excursion to the 'Ukainian National Folkelore Dinner'.

Inside the folklore restaurant.


Local folk singing - whilst playing a Bandura.

Waiting for the traditional cuisine.

Traditional hats......

Fresh eggs anyone?

The Viking Sineous casting off at 11pm.

Rumour had it that there was to be a lunar eclipse - but the clouds got in the way.

Goodbye Odesa.

Passing the Vorontsovskyi lighthouse at the harbour entrance.

Out into the Black Sea.

Looking aft from the upper deck on the Sineous.

One last glimpse of the moon over the Black Sea.

┬ęKen Duffey

August 2018