Monday 30 July 2018

Looking aft from our balcony into the early morning sun - it isn't really this dark!

River traffic on the Dnieper estuary.

Entering the mouth of the River Dnieper.

View from the Sun Deck.

Cruising through a narrow section of the river.

Looking aft.

Signs of civilisation.

Friendly local fisherman.

Scenes from the riverbank........

.... more fishing.

.... more civilisation.

Unusual looking house.

Standard speedboat......

.... different style.

Not so speed boat.

Approaching Kherson.


Cranes grazing on the lush vegitation.

Pallet ferry.

Crossing traffic.

Shipyards at Kherson.

Zanzibar-registered freighter being unloaded.

This one is from Togo.

Approaching our moorings - note our yellow and green coaches that had travelled up overnight from Odesa.

Turning to port into our mooring.........

.... where our four coaches were waiting.

Docked at Kherson.

River cruise boats moored at the busy port.

Small church in the park.

Monument to the first shipbuilders in Kherson.

Waterfront at the park.

Shipbuilders monument.

Interesting architecture.

St Catherine's Cathedral side building.

The Bell Tower.

Statue in the front wall of the cathedral.

Inside St Catherine's Cathedral.

Tomb of Grigory Potemkin.

Catherine's seat - note the letter E (for Ekaterina).

We were intruding on a Christening.

Ornate ceiling.

Obelisk in the grounds.

A map of the complex - we are at 1.

Final view of the Cathedral.

Statue in the 'Park of Glory'.

Me, being artistic.

The obligatory T-34 tank war memorial.

Memorial to the Unknown Soldier.

Park Fortestsiya entrance opposite.

Murals and statues......

.... at the Park of Glory.

The Beverly Sisters?

Monument to Prince Gregory Potemkin-Tavricheski.

The habit of attaching padlocks has reached Kherson.

This dilapidated building used to be a flight academy..........

.... where Lydia Litvyak (the White Rose of Stalingrad) and other members of the 'Night Witches' were trained.

Cast off and on our way to Zaporozhye.

Bridge on the horizon.

The warm weather had seen an increase in the river algae.

Small pyramids being delivered.

Enjoying a drink and Ukrainian pastries on the Sun Deck as we sailed towards Zaporozhye.

Approaching the Kahovskaya Hydroelectric Powerplant and lock.

Our first lock on the Dnieper river - a rise of 48ft.

Locals enjoying the late afternoon sun.

Into the lock.......

.... up we go......

.... all equalised so we set off into Kakhovka Reservoir.


Past the breakwater.

Looking back towards the dam.

Past the lighthouse.

┬ęKen Duffey

August 2018