Tuesday 31 July 2018

Early morning views from our balcony.

Approaching Zaporozhye.

Approaching the bridges - with the unfinished bridge pylons dominating the skyline.

Looking aft into the early morning sun.

Apparently the money ran out - so it still isn't completed.

The old bridge still works....

Approaching the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station.

Every lock has its own local fisherman.

Looking back towards the bridge.

Approaching the lock......

.... with Ukrainian military guards.

It's a tight squeeze!...............

....and a massive 108 ft lift!

Way hey and up she rises.....

All things being equal, the gates open.....

... and out we go - to our berth just around the corner.

Breakwater and lighthouse to port.....

Looking back at the lock.

Approaching our berth........note our yellow coach - which had travelled up overnight - with the other three..


Zaporozhye Regional Adminstrative Building......

.... with a protest encampment on the doorstep.

Unusual Aristocrate Restaurant.

'Fountain of Life' in Mayakovsky Square.

We spent some time trying to work out what the rock sculptures represented - lying between a rock and a hard place?

This one was easy - a split atom representing Chernobyl.

'I heart Zaporozhye' - Can I breathe out now?

Local craftwork on sale.

Another view of the fountain.

Replica of a Lavochkin La-5 fighter of the Great Patriotic War - snapped from the moving coach.

Crossing the working bridge to the island of Khoritsa - to see the Cossack settlement.

Cossack fortress.

Statue at the entrance.

Map of the island.

Circle the wagons!

Oh look! - a Church!

Defensive weaponry.

Inside one of the many buildings.

The armoury - with murals of Cossack warriors.

Inside the church......

....looking up inside the dome.

More interiors......

Those two cats on the bench never moved all the time I was in there!

Note the storks on the roof........

... they never moved either!

The inevitable souvenir shop - Cossack style.

Fabulous wood carving.

Another covered wagon.

Rustic Cossack buildings....

Neat thatchwork.

Watch tower.

Strking metal blanks to make coins.

Back in time for lunch - and this locally manufactured ZAZ 'Zaporozhets' car.

Off we set over the bridge for our afternoon shore excursion to Khortitsa Island - "Island of the Cossacks"

Settled in to our seats ready for the show......

.... which began with some horse galloping....

.... and trotting....

The Master of Ceremonies.

Arrival of the Cossacks......

I presumed that this guy was a tribal elder....

..... as he gave a rousing speech.

Pole Dancing - Cossack style.

Beat that drum!

Displays of horsemanship.........

A round of applause.

Spear twirling demo.

The Cossack game of 'Who touched my back?'.

Auditioning for a part in a Indiana Jones movie?

Whip demo.....

..... with a 'volunteer' from the audience......

... who was rewarded with a drink.

Exploring the Cossack village after the show.

Cannons to the right.

Wood carving.

One of the stallions......

....and another.

I used to look like that once!

No comment needed.

Back on board, Alyosha our cabin cleaner had left this towel sculpture.

┬ęKen Duffey

August 2018