Wednesday 1 August 2018

Having arrived at Dnipro in the early hours, we awoke to see this from our balcony.

The 'Atalanta' moored near us.

The lift bridge ahead of us.

Looking aft from where we had come.

Close up of the centre lift span - it would be open for us at 01:00 am.

The rather dilapidated terminal where we are docked.......

.... with our four coaches that had driven up from Zaporozhye.

Algae filled berth - best not to fall in!

Scenes from the coach......

.... the obligatory T-34 tank war memorial.

Religeous statue.

Memorial park to the conflict with Russia.....

Spare tire?

'Museum of War in Donbas'

Soldier statue.

Wreckage of a BTR personnel carrier.

ZSU-23-2 Anti-aircraft cannon.

Great Patriotic War memorial - another T-34 tank.

Cold war S-125 'Pechora' Anti-aircraft missiles.

War memorial.

'Kipchak' statues outside the Historical Museum.

Exhibits inside the museum.

Clothing display.

Dugout canoe.

Wall mural.

Old cart.

Central Park of Culture entrance.

Lion statue inside the park.

Bust of Vasily Petrovich Karuna.

National University.

Soviet war memorial on the banks of the Dneiper.

The unfinished 'Parus' hotel - symbol of bad Soviet economic planning.

Something out of Star Wars?

Sun setting on the lift bridge.

The centre lift span is due to open at 01:00am to let us through.

┬ęKen Duffey

August 2018