Monday 04 September 2017

Our flight to St Petersburg

Departing London Heathrow on a grey murky day.

Interesting cloud formation off the Dutch coast.

Approaching St Petersburg.

The Peterhoff Palace - which we would be visiting a few days later.

The Peterhoff Palace on the Gulf of Finland - note the long avenue from the palace to the small harbour.

How the other half live No 1 - newly rich Russians - village on the right, golf course on the left.

On finals for St Petersburg's Pulkova airport.

Landing at Pulkova.

Ready to disembark....

.... for the short journey in rush-hour traffic to our ship - berthed alongside the Viking Akun.

Our cabin....

.........say cheese ........

.... and our verandah (not necessarily photographed on the first day!)

┬ęKen Duffey

  October 2017