Thursday 14 September 2017

Sergiev Posad

Sergiev Posad coat of arms as we approach.

Statue of St Sergius.

Front entrance to the Trinity Lavra of St Sergius.

Looking up as we enter....

Dozens of coaches, thousands of tourists....

Looks familiar??

Ceiling mural.

Mural depcting St Sergius and the Bear.

Wall painting.

Another wall painting.

Holy Spirit Church.

Call me a cynic - but isn't there a biblical story about worshipping Mammon ??

Small group of genuine worshippers.

The golden domes of the Holy Trinity Church.

The Church of St Sergius of Radonezh with the Refectory - with the small Church of Saint Micah.

Tourists and Churches.

The Royal Tomb of the Godunovs.

Inside the Refectory ......

The Obelisk.

Church of Saints Zosima and Savvaty.

Assumption Cathedral.

Chapel-over-the well.

The Bell Tower (with a souvenir shop inside).

If you haven't got a ticket, you're not coming in!

More tourists.

It's all a bit overwhelming.

Heading for lunch in the refectory of the Theological Academy.

Church of St Sergius.

Holy Water Batman!!!

The water fountain and the Obelisk.

I'm getting lost as to where we are!!

Arty shot of the Bell Tower.

More arty stuff - all very symbolic.

On the hill overlooking the Lavra Trinity.

Storm clouds gathering.

Hotel & restaurant outside the walls. Waiting to board our coach for the long journey back to Moscow.

Early evening light back at the river terminal. Our ship was moved to the rear of the mooring...

... presumable ready for her next cruise departure back to St Petersburg.

We were now berthed behind the Viking Truvor and Viking Helgi.

Moscow by Night

On the coach ready to depart on our Moscow by Night tour at 21:00.

Detsky Mir and 'Hotel Lubyanka' at night.

St Basils all lit up.....

... as was GUM.

St Basils through the fencing.

Approaching our river boat - a tree festooned with padlocks.

Setting sail on our tour.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour at night.

The Kremlin from the river.

The Kremlin.

Kremlin towers.

St Basils and GUM.

The new park - where the Hotel Rossiya used to be.

Seven Sisters apartment building.

Peter the Great's statue.

┬ęKen Duffey

  October 2017