Wednesday 06 September 2017

Three Vikings in a row.

Our coaches lined up - ready to depart for the Hermitage tour - the marquee for the Cossack dancing is on the left - behind the coaches.

As well as the Viking ships, these four Russian cruise ships were also berthed.

The magnificent Smolny Convent - taken from our coach window.

The Hermitage Museum

Assembled inside the Hermitage waiting for those who had taken a comfort break.

Up the grand staircase.

The Throne Room.

Costume display - men's department......

.... followed by the ladies section.....

... all outdone by Catherine - talk about 'child bearing hips'!

Just a small hint of the crowds visiting.

Katharine the grateful.

Prince Mikhail Kutuzov points the way to the toilets.

Another of Catherine's dresses.

Intricate wood carving.

Stained glass wind - 'The Lamentation' by Bartholomaus the Elder - Ca 1535.

Are you ready Del boy???

Inside a glass case is the mechanical Peacock Clock - designed by English craftsma James Cox.

Screen capture from a TV showing the clock in action.

In the Pavillion Hall was this copy of the mosaic floor of the bath at Ocriculum, Rome.

Malachite urn in the Large Italian Skylight Hall.

Ornate ceiling.

There was splendour everywhere - look down and you missed it!

Giulio Romano's 'Two Lovers'

Rembrandt's masterpiece - 'Danäe'

Rembrandt's 'Painting of an old woman'.

'Death of Adonis' - Giuseppe Mazzuola.

Making our way to the exit.

We went out of the wrong exit - but it gave us a chance to see the Palace Square - which we would have missed otherwise.

On our way back to the ship, we passed this lift bridge - the Finland Railway Bridge.

The Ballet

Settling down for the performance of Swan Lake.

Although not allowed during the performance, we could take pictures at the end.

Taking a bow.

All very pretty - the arms manufacturer 'Almaz-Antei' on the opposite bank -
makers of the air defence missile that shot down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

The latest bridge across the River Neva- the Big (Bolshoy) Obukovsky Bridge.
©Ken Duffey

  October 2017