Friday 08 September 2017

Cruising Down the River

The view from our balcony early on Friday morning - still in monochrome

The mist slowly cleared as our 'shadow' - a Russian cruise ship approached from the stern.

Opposing river traffic - logging on ?

Our shadow overtaking us - the Russian cruise ship две столицы - 'Two Capitals'.

Temporarily back in colour mode - our two waitresses at breakfast - Ira and Marina.

My camera has a mind of its own - as it switched back to monochrome to picture this Russian braving the cold to do his exercises.

Small rural ferry crossing.

I think this is a customs post judging by the heraldry on the building.

Approaching our first lock - on the Svir River between Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega - the two largest lakes in Europe.

Leaving the lock.

Looking like a model boat - but it was real.


Arriving at Mandrogi - still in monochrome.....

I didn't touch a thing!! - but we are now back in colour mode. I had an hour to kill before the Banya,
so I quickly wandered around taking snaps. This is the River Station.

Slide - or Ski slope.

The Artisans Workshop.

Another rustic building.

The world's largest felt boot.....

No comment needed.

The Viking Ingvar moored at Mandrogi.

Nipping back on board to get my swimming trunks - ready for the Banya experience.

A few snapshots on the way.....

This is a guest house for visitors to Mandrogi.

Another guest house.

The sign to the banya.

Hurry up - I can't hold my stomach in for much longer! - The Banya Boys of Mandrogi, having survived the experience.

Dmitry (now fully clothed) - our birch thrasher on the jetty where he doused us with ice cold water!

The 'Two Capitals' moored at Mandrogi.

Time after the banya for a few more photos. This house is decorated by the carving artist Yuri Gusev.

Artists workshop.

Dunno what this is?

The Viking Ingvar from the stern.

New building going up.

Workshop selling souvenirs.

Mandrogi cat checking us out.

Kay - returning from some last minute souvenir shopping....

.... followed by Viking reps Dmitri, Andrei and Valeria.

Casting off from Mandrogi.

Passing the 'Two Capitals' as she also prepared to sail.

Sailing past the banya house and jetty.

Continuing along the Svir river towards Lake Onega.

Wood mill on the north shore.

Rustic Dachas.

The Two Capitals catching us up.
©Ken Duffey

  October 2017