Saturday 09 September 2017


Early morning view on day 6 as we arrive at Kizhi Island on Lake Onega.

Approaching the island.

Our first glimpse of the Transconfiguration Church, the Bell Tower and the Intercession Church as we prepare to dock.

Two other Russian cruise ships arrived at the same time - the Konstantin Simonov....

.... and our old friend - the Two Capitals.

Early morning rush hour at Kizhi.

Being the geek that I am - I was fascinated by how they lined everything up using the markers as they came alongside.....

......and, once aligned, the access doors were opened and gangways laid out - so the Russians had to pass through our ship to go ashore.

Meanwhile, back to reality - a comparison between Cyrillic and Latin.

Greta Garbo??? - note how far we had to walk to the church.

A map of Kizhi Island.

Walking to the church and looking back to the three ships.

Approaching the church complex.

The house of rich farmer Nestor Mikhailovich Oshevnev - transferred and restored as part of the Kizhi museum.

Bell's - waiting to be re-hung following the completion of restoration work.

Inside the Intercession Church - listening to some a capella chants.

Familiar icons.

Restoration work on the Transfiguration church. An internal metal stucture is being built to preserve the wooden exterior.

Memorial to the fallen in the Great Patriotic War (WWII).

Looking back towards the churches.

Approaching the farmers house. A tourist jam was formimg - so we had to wait our turn.

An example of traditional embroidery.

Inside the large hall in the farmers house.

Outside view of the intricate woodwork.

Grain storehouse.

Examples of painted wooden roofing shingles on sale.....

.... and a craftsman making them - using only a sharp axe and a practiced hand.

A scale model of an onion dome showing how the wooden shingles are attached so that rain drips off the corners.

See below......

Bathhouse in English - Banya in Russin.

One of the oldest wooden buildings in Russia - the Church of Lazarus' Resurrection.

I think this might be another windmill ?

The Chapel of the Archangel Michael........

... where we stopped to listen to the bell ringing.

Some scenic views to finish off our tour.

Some excellent restoration work!

Back on board and ready to cast off at 10:30. We were treated to a Champagne and Caviar 'Sail Away' party.

Departure from Kizhi.

Hotel Manager Antonino popping his cork.

Champagne and Caviar.

Music from resident singers Eduardo and Sonya.

Daniel having a go with the sword.

Ira and friend.

My attempt at some arty photography - using the Viking logo etched into a glass partition. Soon, everyone was doing it......

Kay, talking to some Trump supporting Texans.

Crossing Lake Onega.

We could be on an ocean.

Another arty photo - no trick or Photoshop involved.

Captain Igor Stepanov during our wheelhouse tour.

Another arty shot - due south.

Leaving Lake Onega and entering the Volga-Baltic Waterway.

Into the waterway......

... in a reflective mood.

Entering the first of six locks on the Vytegra River.

The coat of arms of Vytegra on the lock wall.

Sunset on day six.
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