Sunday 10 September 2017


View from the Panorama Bar as we sit at anchor due to the thick fog - nothing was moving on the waterway.

Two hourse later, the fog is starting to clear - but we are still not moving - nor is the Two Capitals astern.

Crew member checking out the anchor chain - we are still not moving.

Finally! Clear skies as we get underway - two hours late!!

Small yacht overtaking us under power.

The fog caused a bit of a log jam with nothing allowed to move on the waterway - so lots of traffic suddenly let loose.....



..... busy.

A dredger.

A Russian cruise ship going the opposite way.

Nativity Church of Krokhino Russia, flooded by the creation of the Sheksna Reservoir on the Volga Baltic waterway.

Rural ferry crossing.

Another Russian cruiser - the Aleksandr Grin.

As we were now running late the live demonstration of Russian cuisine was re-scheduled for 15:00.
Chef Joachim (with two 'volunteers') showed us how to make Pelmeni - amongst much laughter and vodka drinking.

More river traffic - this time the Nikolai Chernishevskiy.

Barging past this traffic.....

Guess who ???

17:00 hrs - arriving at Goritzy, FIVE hourse later than scheduled!!

Another old friend - the Konstatin Simonov.

Visiting Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery on the shores of Severskoye Lake.

More like a fortress than a monastery.

Inside the walls.

There's alway a tourist in the way!!

The Assumption Cathedral.

Living accomodation for the monks.

As the ship had moved anchorage, we were driven by coach to Kuzino - from where
we boarded the Ingvar at 18:45 and cast off at 19:00 for Yaroslavl - now running two hours late..

Daniel dressed as a Russian greeting us with a gift of a keyring as we go to a 'Russian Dinner' at 19:30

Marina and Ira also dressed up.

┬ęKen Duffey

  October 2017