Monday 11 September 2017


Early morining as we sail to Yaroslavl.

Passing river traffic.

Approaching the Rybinsk Lock from the Rybinsk Reservoir.

Statue of 'Mother Volga' at the entrance to the lock.

Bye Mum....

Entering the lock.....

... under the watchful eye of the local gulls.

Leaving the lock - behind a gravel barge.

Approaching the city of Rybinsk.

Local scenery.

Views of Rybinsk as we sailed past....

Bridge over Roubled Waters? - (I'm sorry, I'll get my coat).

Looking back at an approaching hydrofoil - he slowed down and went astern of us to drop off passengers.....

---- before roaring past us twenty minutes later.

The place is awash with churches.......

Copper domes, blue domes, gold domes, grey domes, black domes.

Approaching Yaroslavl.

"That way" says Lenin.

The Russian really know how to do war memorials. The young girls are volunteers who do a twenty-minute shift on guard duty.

A little bit incongruous wth a Kalashnikov and mini skirt - but moving, nontheless.

Typical Russian war memorial - with the soldier and peasant woman - and the Assumption Cathedral behind.

The Assumption Cathedral.

Side view of the cathedral.

Large bell - waiting to be re-hung following restoration work.

Large, well manicured park......

... with Yaroslavl's Coat of Arms.

A wide angle view of the park.

Yaroslavl - in Cyrillic. The Russian letter Я (Ya) also means 'I' - so it also says "I heart(love) Yaroslavl".

It now says "YaroslavKay".

More sights....

Viking Ingvar in mid-stream to take on fuel.

Back at the war memorial - the guards have changed.

Government building in the main square - City Hall.

The Duma.

The Church of Elijah the Prophet.

Walking towards the central market....

.... where the Viking crew had laid on a tasting session of local delicacies.

Inside the concert hall, we were met by these two young ladies....

.... and led into this hall to listen to music and watch the dancing.

How it was done in the olden days.

Some of the Viking party were invited to take part......

...but when it came to the waltz.......

... I had to get up and show them how it was done (not!).

Leaving the concert hall...

... artwork in the gardens.

Viking Ingvar being refuelled.......

Going inside Church of Elijah the Prophet......

.... to see yet more iconography....

.... now, where have I seen this before?

The Ingvar arriving back just in time for us to board.

Mooring outboard of the Russian cruise ship Georgiy Zhukov meant we had to go aboard through her....

... so I photographed this bust of the old warrior....

... and shot this painting - the Russian receptionist thought I was a nutter!

And so ends day eight of our tour as we depart Yaroslavl at 19:00.

©Ken Duffey

  October 2017