Tuesday 12 September 2017


Approaching the mooring at Uglich - in a thunderstorm.

The jetty at Uglich in a torrential downpoor......

... which luckily began to clear as we made ready to go ashore at 08:15.

Just a pssing shower.

The local band played a few (off) tunes!

No coaches on this one - just walking in groups with our tour guides.
This small cafe was there to be photographed - before running the gauntlet of the souvenir stalls.

The Uglich Kremlin (Fortress).

Administrative buildings in the town square.

The 'Uglichskaya Hotel'

A small museum just outside the Kremlin.

The Ingvar at her moorings. You can see we haven't had far to walk.

Approaching the Kremlin....

... this young lady was treating us to a few verses of a Russian folk song.

Khazanskaya Church inside the Kremlin grounds.

Our guide was keen to point out that this was the first tractor in Russia!!

It certainly looked old enough.

Church of Prince Demitry the Martyr

Ingvar at the jetty.

Prince Dmitry's residence - where he was found dead .....

... supposedly murdered on the orders of Boris Godunov.

Another view of Dmitry's residence.

Chapel of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky - a monument to the Uglich people who died defending their homeland.

Our visit to the home of a Russian family - Tamara and Nikolai's banya in the back garden.

Enjoying a typical Russian 'snack'. Our interpreter is in the white jacket - with our hostess Tamara standing to her left.

Nikolai showing of his home made fish smokery.

He is obviously a bit of an artist judging by his colourful garden.

Tamara and Nikolai's garden.

More of Nikolai's work.

Outside view of their house.

I arrived back on board with 30 minutes to spare.....and as Kay was feeling a little better and the lure of the souvenir stalls was too strong.....

.... we went back ashore for a little last minute shopping......

... before departing Uglich at 12:00.

Back on board, we were invited to a 'Taste of Russia' on the sundeck - with Marina ready to serve.

Russian food - buffet style.

Good food, good(ish) company, good weather - what more could you ask for.

Daniel was serving beer - whilst Eduardo and Sonya provided the music.

Kay and Sasha from Russia as we enter the lock.

The staff doing the Macarena....

... even Ira took a break from serving to join in.

Don't give him the microphone !!! - too late. Sasha from Russia belting out a Russian song.

Leaving the lock at Uglich. The adjacent dam created the Uglich Reservoir.

The lock on the left with the dam and power station on the right.

Russian cruise ship Mikhail Tanich entering the lock that we have just vacated.

The excitment of the souvenir shopping was too much for Kay.

Valeri Brusov basking in the evening light.

Kimri Coat of Arms on the banks of the Volga.

Another Viking longboat.

How the other half live No 2 - impressive looking dwelling.

How the other half live No 3.

The creation of the Uglich Reservoir caused the Kalyazin Bell Tower to be submerged under the rising waters.

Kay and Bell Tower.

Sunset on the Volga.....

... as we near Moscow.

┬ęKen Duffey

  October 2017