Sunday 14 November 2010

 China Aviation Museum, Xioa Tang Shan

The main entrance to the museum.

Shenyang J-6 (licence-built MiG-19)

Ilyushin Il-14 - as used by Chairman Mao.

Mil Mi-6 'Hook'

Chengdu J-7 (derived from the MiG-21F)

British built Vickers Viscount.

Magnificent carved mural 'Blue Sky Soul' with the heads of pilots from three different eras.

'Bomber Alley' - with Tu-2, Harbin H-5's, Tu-4's and H-6.

'MiG Alley' - how's that for a collection of MiG-15, 17 & 19s ???

Nanchang Q-5B prototype with new radome.

Shenyang J-8

At the start of the crescent shaped 'cave' under Da Tang Shan mountain - not the best conditions for photography.

MiG-23 - donated by the Syrian Air Force (I think?).

Kawasaki Ki-48-II Type 99 bomber in Red Army of China Air Force markings.

F-86 Sabre - donated by the Pakistan Air Force.

Chengdu JJ-5 (FT-5) Trainer - in the colours of the 1st August display team.

This rather poor exhibit claims to be a de Havilland Mosquito - but only just!......

The same goes for this P-40 - a not-so-sucessful attempt at a restoration.

Curtis Hawk III fighter painted in the markings of Chinese pilot Gao Zhihang.

Looking back down the curving cavern with its line up of exhibits.

Polikarpov I-16 in Taiwanese markings.

China's first attempt at creating an indigenous fighter - the lightweight Nanchang J-12. This airframe is the second prototype.

Shenyang J-5 used as a radar testbed.

Soviet Tupolev Tu-2 bomber.

Replica of a Vought V-65-C1 Corsair of the KMT - captured by the Red Army in February 1930 and named 'Lenin'.

I spotted this model hanging from the ceiling near the entrance to the cavern.........

... I have no idea what it is - maybe a design for a Chinese Stealth Bomber?

Out into the cold sunlight again - this is another Nanchang J-12 - this time with an inlet centrebody.

Harbin H-5 - a licence-built Ilyushin Il-28. This example is a HD-5 ECM variant.

The iconic Tu-4 AWACS - a US B-29 bomber, reverse-engineered by the Soviets into the Tupolev Tu-4, converted by the Chinese

to take the AI-20K turboprop engines from an An-12 and fitted with a rotodome. No radar was ever fitted.

Another turboprop Tu-4 - this time used as a drone launcher fitted with two underwing WZ-5

reconnaissance drones - (reverse-engineered Ryan AQM-34N Firebee drones).

Xian Y-7 (licence-built Antonov An-24) - this one converted into a navigation trainer.

Xian H-6 (licence-built Tupolev Tu-16).

Douglas DC-8 formerly used by the Orbis 'Flying Eye Hospital'

Early prototype Harbin SH-5 ASW flying boat.

Another photo of the SH-5 - note that it isn't a true amphibian - but it has retractable beaching gear.

Lisunov Li-2.

Ilyushin Il-62.

One of two Curtis C-46 Commandos at the museum.

DHC Beaver

Harbin Z-5 (licence built Mil Mi-4) in ambulance colours.

Ministry of Ugly Planes - Chinese attempt to make a turbine-powered Mi-4, the Harbin Z-6

Another view of the Z-6 - powered by a single WZ5 turboshaft derived from the Soviet AI-24 turboprop.

British built de Havilland Trident airliner.

This strange machine is CJ-5 trainer that was modified to look vaguely like an F-84 for static ground shots

in a movie made in China years ago - thanks to 'Antonov' for the information.

Li-2 - with 4-bladed props.

China National Aviation Corporation DC-3

I think this is a 'proper' C-47.

A view of the transport aircraft collection.

Nanchang Q-5 'Fantan'

Tupolev Tu-124

Ilyushi Il-12.

Antonov An-12.

Another Q-5 Fantan.

The new exhibition pavillion.

Shenyang J-11 - Sukhoi Su-27SK.

Mockup of the two-seat Chengdu J-10 - home-grown fighter.

This one is real - the first prototype of the J-10 fighter.

Xian JH-7A 'Flying Leopard' fighter-bomber.

China's first indigenous jet trainer - Shenyang JJ-1 - only two flying prototypes were built.

The remains of a Lockheed D-21 supersonic reconnaissance drone.

Lavochkin La-11 that fought in the Korean War.

P-51 and Xian H-6

Looking down from the balcony onto the JH-7A and J-8 II.

The J-10 prototype.

Q-5 Fantan - you can clearly see the MiG-19 ancestry.

Fairchild PT-19 suspended from the ceiling.

WZ-5 drone - reverse-engineered Ryan AQM-34N Firebee.

Tachikawa Type 99 trainer.

The Xian H-6 (Tu-16) dominates the main hall.

Another WZ-5 - this time attached to the underwing pylon of the Tu-4.

Superbly restored Qing-6 (turboprop Beriev Be-6 'Madge') flying boat in an appropriate setting.

The Great Wall of China

Looking up the wall to No 8 Beacon Tower.

The steep, daunting climb- but I made it!!

At the tower...

Proof positive that I made it - though that warning about heart disease is worrying at my age!

Looking back across the valley before descending.

At the bottom again.....

Yours truly - clutching the 'I climbed the Great Wall' tee shirt.