Wednesday 17 November 2010

 Oriental Green Boat Park

The main entrance to the vast area of the Oriental Park.

A stylised map of the complex - the carrier is at the right.

An incredible sight - a 'concrete' aircraft carrier in a lake.

Shenyang J-5 (MiG-17) on a pole.

The carrier - with the Type 33 submarine.

There is a small aircraft collection in the park...

.... displaying a Nanchang CJ-6A primary trainer........

.... another J-5.......

.... a Chengdu J-5A......

.... a Nanchang/Shijiazhuang Y-5 (An-2).....

..... and this Xian H-6 (Tu-16)

Walking round the lake to the entrance to the carrier - the Type 33 submarine.

The 'hangar deck' inside the carrier features a display of military vehicles....

On the cat ready to launch - the Q-5 Fantan - note the catapult shuttle near the noseleg and the blast shield behind.

Looking down from the carrier deck onto the Type 33.

Part of the carrier 'strike wing' - the Nanchang Q-5.

Looking back along the deck - two Shenyang JJ-6 trainers and another Q-5

The carriers 'SAR' assets - a Mi-8T.

The carrier even has defensive armament in the shape of this 'Sea Sparrow' battery - and a 'Goalkeeper' style CIWS next to it.

Offensive capability is provided by this replica Sub-Harpoon.

At the forward end of the lower deck is a shooting gallery - with large scale 'recognition' models hanging from the ceiling...

Facsimile of the Raptor.

The Type 33 is accessible - if you are slim enough to get down the forward torpedo loading hatch.!!

These are the bow torpedo tubes.

Soviet and Chinese submariners probably swing feet-first through these hatches - but at our age, you have to take your time!

Twin diesel engines.

Aft torpedo compartment - with the exit ladder.

With a bit of photo manipulation..... it almost looks real.

Downtown Shanghai

The Oriental Pearl Tower.

Conditions were a bit hazy for good photography... especially through the dirty glass windows...

Looking down through the glass floor.

Playing chicken.....

.... only the brave...

Aviation photographers always strive for that better shot.....

Floral roundabout on the way down.

View across to the tower from the Bund on the opposite bank

My attempt at night photography....

The commercial district at twilight.