Thursday 18 November 2010

 Shanghai Aviation Enthusiasts Center

'Map' at the entrance showing the aircraft on display. It looked as if this would be all we could photograph until our lady guide intervened.

Line up of fighters on display.

Former Japan Airlines DC-8.

Shenyang J-6-1 prototype with revised intake shock cone. The accompanying placard lists it as a 'Dong Feng 102'

and says that it is a 'rare treasure' as only 33 examples were built.

The inevitable Q-5 Fantan.

Shenyang J-6.

Immaculate Ilyushin Il-14.

Nanchang CJ-6.

CAAC School.

Main entrance to the School.

BAe 146 on display.

Old Xian Y-7 (licence built Antonov An-24)

Nanchang Y-5 (licenced An-2).

Wingless Il-14 - the dogs were very vociferous, though harmless.

Another view of the BAe 146.......

.... and the Y-7.

Shanghai Touristy bits....

Arty shot of the sunlight reflecting across the water.

River fireboat.

Russian Embassy.