Saturday 20 November 2010

 Zhuhai Airshow

Sitting on the ramp throughout the weekend - the KJ-200 AWACS

Another non-flyer (at least on the public days) - the Hongdu L-15 'Hunting Eagle' combat trainer.

The Yakovlev Yak-130 influence is obvious from this angle.

Eurocopter EC225LP Super Puma SAR helicopter.

Pakistan Air Force Chengdu JF-17 'Thunder'

4-6 seat light amphibian, the AVIC HO 300.

AVIC L7 - a joint Russian-Chinese primary trainer.

Pakistani JF-17 Thunder in the static park.

Xian JH-7A 'Flying Leopard' looking like a Sepecat Jaguar on steroids.

Xian H-6H Bomber.

Changhe Z-8K (licence-built Super Frelon) being used for the parachute display team.

Shenyang J-8F in the static park.

ARJ21 regional airliner.

Lots of microlights in the static park.

Full scale model of a CH-3 medium range long-endurance UAV on display inside the pavillion.

WJ-600 UAV

Model of the AVIC D-600 fully amphibious flying boat.

I tried to find more details of this intriguing design - but without success...

Interesting model of an armed MPA An-74T-200MP on the Ukrainian stand.

A clearer view of the H-6 from the pavillion steps.

Chengdu J-10 in the colours of the 1st August aerobatic team sits on the flightline.

J-10S two-seater - note the 'smokewinders' under the wings and the fixed IFR probe.

AVIC MA-600 - ultimate(?) development of the Y-7/An-24 family.

1st August pilots 'walk through' their routine.......

.... and take off for their display.

Trailing smoke.

The conditions were very hazy for photography.

The two seater makes a slow flypast.

Underside shot.

The Pakistan Air Force JF-17 Thunder put on a good display - generating lots of vortices.

Another shot of the Xian H-6H.

Harbin Z-9W (licence built SA 365 Dauphin).

All the good looking girls had departed by the weekend - but I found these two in the pavillion.

The crowds had thinned out a bit as I photographed the JH-7A again.

The civil airport was still busy - as shown by this departing 737.

Nanchang K-8 of the Pakistani 'Sherdils' aerobatic team

JF-17 of the PAF 26 Sqn 'Black Spiders' being put to bed.


Z-11 (licence built AS 350 Ecureuil) helicopter.

Avicopter AC313 - ultimate development of the Super Frelon family.

Red Eagle (more powerful version of the Christen Eagle) of the 'Red Eagles' display team.

MA 600 on the flightline.

Late afternoon sun lighting the KJ-200 which hadn't moved all day.......

... although it was joined by this Y8 transport.