Sunday 21 November 2010

 Zhuhai Airshow

Z-9 helicopter in the static.

JH-7A 'Flying Leopard'.

Pakistani JH-17 taxying in after his display - note the open brake parachute door.

Parachute display team - with the Chinese National Flag......

..... and the PLA Air Force Flag.

Z-7 helicopter returning after dropping the parachutists.

Cirrus SR22 light single.

Hawker 900 departing from the static lineup.......

.... along with this Beech King Air.

K-8 Karakorum of the 'Sherdils'

Anti-FOD team, Chinese style.

Departing Shanghai Airlines B737.

1st August display tean J-10 taxying out.

J-10 number 8.

Red Eagles display......

.... followed by 1st August Team.

Tight formation....

.... this time with smoke.

I caught the 'crossover' today - although they need to get some advice from the Red Arrows.

Another slow, high-afpha fly-by, with smoke.

Squeezing the moisture out of the air.

The J-10 is a very photogenic aircraft.

Final break....

Singleton display.

JF-17 departing for another display.

JF-17 Pakistan Air Force.

K-8 of the 'Sherdils'

JF-17 takes off...

The Thunder was creating vortices throughout most of his display.

Underside view.

He put on a spirited display........

.... before returning.

The Sherdils kept a very tight formation.

Neat flying.

Singleton underside view.....

.... and the topside.