Monday 19 November 2012

 Minsk World, Shenzen Province

All photos © Ken Duffey

Ex-Soviet carrier Minsk.

Down the jetty to board the Minsk.

View aft from the jetty.

View forward showing the encroaching housing developments.

Visitors are greated by young ladies in naval costume.

Port torpedo tubes containing 5 x 533mm torpedoes.

Starboard torpedoes.

Clapped-out MiG-23UB on the flight deck.

Aft 76mm guns.

Equally clapped-out Mi-24 at the stern.

Towed sonar array.

Mi-24, towed sonar and picnic tables.

Yak-38 pilot's-eye view along the flight deck.

There used to be a display of airframes on the shoreline - but all we could see was this Silkworm missile.

Minsk island.

Rather sad looking MiG-23UB.

Another Mi-24 - equally sad.

P-500 'Bazalt' - NATO SSN-12 'Sandbox' SSM missile on its loading trolley.

Rear end of the port side P-500 twin launch tubes.

Front end of same.

Looking down the launch tube with the missile in place.

Twin SA-N-4 'Gecko' SAM launcher.

SA-N-4 missile on its twin launcher.

SA-N-3 'Shtorm' SAM launcher.

Another view of the SA-N-3 twin launcher.

One of two RBU-6000 Anti-submarine rocket launchers.

Forward 76mm guns.

Control centre inside the ship.

Control centre.

Tactical whiteboard - or graffiti??

Another whiteboard.

A display of model aircraft carriers.

CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln.

French carrier Clemenceau - or Foch ?? with a strange mix of aircraft on deck.

HMS Invincible(?) with a rear-facing bridge, a strange funnel arrangement and a Corsair on deck!

More recognizable is the Russian Navy Kuznetsov.

Reload magazine for the SA-N-3 SAMs.

View forward with mooring ropes.

Captains quarters.

Officers accomodation.

Sick bay.

'Entertainment room'.

Portrait gallery - Mikhail Kalashnikov.

Looking down at the hangar deck - now full of souvenire stalls.

At the rear of the hangar deck is this MiG-27 posing as a naval fighter.

Back on deck.

Up on the bridge.

Captain's chair?

Bridge area.

Looking aft from the bridge wing on the starboard side.

Looking forward on the port side.

Looking down onto the flight deck.

General view from the reviewing stand.

Note the encroaching development in the background.

Walking aft towards 'Flyco'

Inside the flight control centre - Flyco in USN parlance.

Flyco's chair.

The view inside.

Looking aft from Flyco.

No, not a Dalek - one of eight AK-630 30mm CIWS turrets.

Flag of the Minsk's new owners.

©Ken Duffey

November 2012