Hong Kong and flight views.

View from Kowloon park next to our hotel - note the window cleaning gantry.

Another view from the park on the only sunny day.

Greenery and skyscrapers.

The famous light and sound show - every night at 8pm on the waterfront.

The clock tower from the old railway terminus.

Cruise liner Star Pisces departing.

International Commerce Centre (ICC) - the tallest building on Hong Kong, changes its pattern of lights......



Old Star Ferry used for sightseeing.

Laser and Light show.

Fantastic light and sound spectacular.

The old clock tower.

'Red sails in the sunset'......

Kowloon's famous Peninsula Hotel.

The Star Pisces back at her berth the next day.

View across towards Hong Kong island - note the low, grey cloud.

Star Ferry plying its trade across the harbour.

Hong Kong's famous trams.

I could be in danger of becoming a tram spotter!

There is still some evidence of Colonial Hong Kong.

The Peak Tram approaching the lower station.......

.... and arriving at the top.

View from the Peak on a grey day.

Lookout point on the Peak.

But the view didn't get any better.

View from the tour bus along a busy Hong Kong street

Antique shops.

More antiques.

Man Mo Temple.

Legislative Council building and Cenotaph.

More trams - this time in Wan Chai.

Wan Chai district.

This guy was brave!

Tram central.

Typhoon shelter on the waterfront.

Bank of China and LIPPO Centre.

Distinctive LIPPO centre buildings.

Back at the start - the Peak Tram terminus.

Our tour bus.

Heading back to Kowloon on the ferry - ICC building, Star Ferry and Star Pisces cruise liner.

The Kowloon tour on the following day - Islamic Mosque on Nathan Road.

View from the Kowloon tour bus along Nathan Road.

The ICC building - shrouded in low cloud.

You can hardly see the island.

ICC buildings complex.

Imposing bronze glass building.

Hong Kong Space museum near the Peninsula hotel.

Our old friend - the red sailed junk.

Flight Photos

The A380 at Heathrow prior to the flight to Dubai.

Thames estuary as we climb out.

Somewhere over Europe.

Dawn over eastern India.

Nearing Hong Kong.

Approacing Chek Lap Kok airport.

Departing Dubai on the way home.

Lift off.

QE2 at Dubai.

Kuwait from the air.

Snow capped mountains in Romania.

Approaching Heathrow - over docklands and London City airport.

Millenium Dome.

©Ken Duffey

November 2012