Flanker Fins and Wheels

Flanker Fins

A guide to the different fins fitted to the Su-27

This is the basic fin shape fitted to the prototypes and some early production Su-27's

The production Su-27 did away with the anti-flutter weights and has a raked top

The two-seat Su-27UB trainer increased the fin area by means of an insert at the base.

The early Su-27UB prototypes had the same increased-area fins - but with the flat top and anti-flutter weights

as seen on the prototype single-seaters - in both cases the rudders remained the same size as the single-seater.

The IRKUT-built Su-30MKI/MKM/MKA uses the same Su-27UB fin - but has an increased rudder area.

The KnAAPO-built Su-35(T10M) had a completely new fin with a taller rudder and flat top

The same design is used on the KnAAPO-built Su-30MKK and Su-30MK2.

The one-off Su-27KUB used the single-seat fin - but with an incread-area rudder.

A similar fin is used on the new Su-35 (T10BM)

The ship-borne Su-33 uses the same fin as the single-seat Su-27 - but with a cropped fin cap for hangar clearance.

Note :- The Su-27IB (prototype of the Su-34) originally used the taller, Su-27UB fin, but the production Su-34 reverted to the shorter fin from the Su-27 single-seater.

Flanker Wheels

Note that all the tires are the same size - 1030 X 350

First Generation

Flanker wheel with central cooling hole - this is from the P-42 record breaker photographed at Zhukovsky

The same style wheel photographed at the Moscow Aviation Institute - MAI

I photographed this one on the prototype T10 at Lugansk, Ukraine.

Second Generation

Photographed at Lipetsk, this one has the multiple cooling holes - note the three sets of retaining bolts painted red.

This wheel is fitted to the prototype first generation Su-35 (T10M) at Monino.

Extreme closeup showing the 3 sets of bolts and the inflation nipple.

This freshly painted example was on a Ukrainian Su-27 at Gostomel, Kiev.

The T10M prototype wheel photographed a few years later  - now with a fresh lick of paint.

Third Generation

This is the main wheel on a Su-33 - note the fatter, beefed-up main leg for carrier landings and the larger fairing for the lock-down mechanism.

Su-33 main wheel photographed at Zhukovsky - note the four sets of retaining bolts.

Main wheel on an Indian Air Force (IAF) Su-30MI photographed at RAF Fairford.

The latest Su-35S main wheel - compare the thickness of the leg with the Su-33.

Note the wires on the retaining bolts.

Another view of the IAF Su-30MKI main wheel.

Su-35S main wheel photographed at Zhukovsky.

ŠKen Duffey

August 2011